Build Your Own Dead Space Laser (That Can Actually Burn Stuff)

If you bought the fancy edition of Dead Space 2, you would have got yourself a little replica plasma cutter, one of the game's more memorable weapons. As is, it's useless, but this guy will show you how to turn it into a laser gun. That can set stuff on fire.

You can see the complete how-to in the video above. If you just want to see what the fully armed and operational plasma cutter can do to a balloon and a T-800 holding a pair of matches, skip to around 2:05.

Note: if you're going to actually try this, please heed the warnings in the video. Proper lasers can be dangerous!

[via Super Punch]


    That is so cool... If you could get laser diode here legally i would so do that.

    wow look at that cat. Meow, meow

    you should watch his other videos. I've been a subscriber for ages coz some of it is pure genious. Smart fellow with too much time on his hands.

    Would've been cooler if he installed 3 lasers as is with the game.

    That's pretty cool. I actually never noticed that my special edition plasma cutter had LEDs inside of it :o

    Gee, this sounds like a really really safe idea to spread across the net. A can see it has lots of practical applications, since everyone in the area will no doubt have those safety glasses on.

    As a by the way, traditional laser pointers have 5 mW power, where as this upgrade was 600mW (ie over half a watt of concentrated power. This is not a toy.

      Like anyone will even bother to try this. People will watch the video, chuckle for a second or two and then move on.

    That is one of the coolest thing I have ever seen.

    I need to try this.

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