Lawsuit Alleges Chuck E. Cheese Promotes Kiddie Gambling, Gaming Addiction

Lawsuit Alleges Chuck E. Cheese Promotes Kiddie Gambling, Gaming Addiction

Irony seems to fail the person who has alleged Chuck E. Cheese’s ticket-dispensing games sow gambling addiction in little children, and filed a lawsuit in California seeking a $US5 million jackpot.

Denise Keller, a mum of two girls ages 5 and 3, says in her potential class-action complaint that Chuck E. Cheese’s arcade games are akin to slot machines. By offering tickets as a payout that can be redeemed for prizes, the machines “create the same highs and lows experienced by adults who gamble their paychecks or the mortgage payment”.

Keller’s lawyer, naturally, says it’s not about the money but the kids. California law forbids gambling, except for in whatever cases it doesn’t (like an Indian casino) but it makes an exception for payouts if the contest is a predominantly a game of skill. Whether skee-ball is more akin to poker or blackjack or neither will be a judge’s call.

Chuck E. Cheese Sued for ‘Tot Slots’[San Diego Union-Tribune]


  • So basically she believes any sort of competition (ie enter now to win a free copy of x game) or any arcade open to the public which allows you to redeem prizes, carnivals, circus sideshows, festivals etc should ALL be shut down because paying a few bucks to have a chance at winning something means you’re on a “gateway drug” to problem gambling.

    oh please, if the judge even hears this case then I have lost all faith in EVERYTHING.

  • Translation, my kids suck and the kid who is really good gets a ton of tickets and hers only get 3. And instead of saying “sweetie your not good at that” because it would damage their fragile ego’s and ruin them for life she’ll just have it banned for everyone.

    I played ticket games as a kid, and now I find electronic slot machines the most boring thing on earth, I spent $2 on them in my entire life, the day I turned 18. My brother being a jerk put $10 more in and forced me to play it till I was broke or could pull out $50.

    That experiance I regard as the second most boring thing I have ever done. The first goes to a six week hospitial stay as a child, alone, in an empty ward, with a TV that didn’t work.

  • The road to serfdom has an unfortunate tendency to begin when people adopt the attitude that “if I don’t like it, it ought to be illegal.”

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