Oh How Serious Sam’s Headless Kamikaze Has Grown

Oh How Serious Sam’s Headless Kamikaze Has Grown

Lacking any meat above the neckline and hands replaced with ticking time bombs, the headless kamikaze of Serious Sam fame has come a long way over the past decade.

Developer Croteam took a break from developing the next game in the SS series, Serious Sam 3: BFE, to show off the new look for one of the franchise’s most iconic enemies. This time around the suicide bombers seem to be a bit less headless than before, with some sort of alien parasite munching greedily upon their tasty neckmeats.

Seeing as BFE is a prequel to Serious Sam: The First Encounter, I’m guessing the alien bits either get torn off between games or burrow their way inside the bodies.

Oh the wonderful things I get to imagine in this line of work.





  • I’m glad it’s more like the original design and less like the wacky head on a spring design of Serious Sam 2!

  • *sigh* not a fan of the revisions they’ve been making. I found SSHD to be rather lacklustre compared to the vibrancy and creativity in the originals (even SS2 had a fair bit going for it if you try to think of it as not being a SS game).

    It’s all the little things – the cool gravity tricks and portals that were never used to their full potential (especially in multiplayer), the little speakers stuck on the backs of the kamikazes [if you could get around them to see] that justified the otherwise nonsensical cries of the headless, the fact that the headless guys looked only recently deceased (the newer designs are all a bit decrepit)… SS used to have a quirky charm; now it just seems a bit morbid.

    • That always got to me for some reason.
      Sure, when I bought the game, everything was awesome. But then these guys show up, and my first thought isn’t “OH CRAP RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN NOOOOOOO!!!!”, rather, it’s “…. How is he yelling like that? He doesn’t have a head….”

      • he has a speaker box mounted on the back of his neck that plays back a recording – you just don’t get to see it too often unless you can snipe them from a distance or look at the model separately. I think their little bio descriptions also explain it.

  • I love OSHITOSHITOSHIT feeling of these guys.
    A slight screaming in the background slowly getting louder and louder leading up to a crescendo of fiery death (hopefully not your own).

    Very few games I’ve ever played have been able to use sound cause such panic.

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