When You Can't Hide Your Cables, Embrace Them For Better Access And Organization

DIYer Palle Olsen picked up some cheap super glue and mounting tape to mount his PS3 and its four annoying cables to the wall.

We've looked at creative ways to openly display your cables a few times, and these cord design projects are neat, but how do you actually pull it off? Palle's method looks to be an effective option. Here's the rundown:

  1. Figure out your design ahead of time and pencil it onto the wall. You need to make sure you don't exceed the cable's length and you can avoid this by cutting a piece of string to the length of the cable and taping it onto the wall. Next, trace the string with a pencil (preferably one that erases very easily).
  2. Put the adhesive tape on the wall along the pattern you penciled on.
  3. Put a little super glue on the tape and start adding your cables. You'll need to hold the cable in place each time as the superglue dries. Palle found the superglue was necessary as the cables wouldn't stick without it.
  4. Admire your creation.

This is a bit of work, but it makes for a really unique wall decoration. I've done a much less ambitious design and turned my cables into a tree. If you've been creative with your exposed cables, let us know what you did—with pictures!—in the comments.

Feature Friday: Cords Away | XBMC.org via @rothgar

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    Not a bad idea, I usually just bunch them all together and throw them behind the cabinet.

    my wife will kill me if I ever attempt to do this

    Dear god I am very concerned for that PS3.



    Looks cool, but he will regret this once the super glue weres off..if that's even possible lol.

    I also just bunch them in a ball and throw them behind the cabinent lol

    What happens if you want to move the ps3? I imagine the glue would pull paint off the wall and/or leave a mark. Cool idea though, mine are cable tied and hidden behind the cabinet/computer tower.

    I need to do something like this (but without being an idiot by putting the PS3 on the wall. Seriously, who does that?!! ). If my husband even looks at cables they tie themselves in knots. And we have two drawers full of "spare" cables that just seem to be propagating. I'm scared that one day I'll wake up with cables around my neck.

      Thank you for using the word propogate, I have had that word on the tip of my tongue for about a week. Now I can use it.

    cool until your ps3 phat dies like everyone else.

    What people here don't seem to realise, is that he is not gluing the cables to the wall, he is gluing the cables to the tape... the tape which is stuck to the wall. Less paint-peeling action when you want to move/remove it.

    Why does he need that many cables?? I have 1 Power, 1 HDMI and that's it?

    Wifi and blutooth people...

    It looks neat, but I really couldn't be arsed. So long as my cables are out of the way I'm happy.

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