A Tour Of LA Noire's Biggest, Still Standing Stars

LA Noire takes place in...LA. The guys from Machinima Respawn go on a tour of the landmarks that appear in the game—and in LA—providing fun facts along the way.

It's a neat video tour and worth taking.

I used to live in LA, and I love just driving around. I lived on Wilshire and Rampart. My old apartment building circa 1947 was a lot nicer!

[Thanks Miles!]


    It'd actually be pretty cool if you lived there and played through this game. You'd know all the streets, buildings, etc. without looking at the map.

    I want to play a game based on my city. Except that would probably be pretty boring to drive around.

    "You've found a new location: Public Library"
    "You've found a new location: Beach"
    "You've found a new location: Maccas"
    End of game.


      Mine would probably sound like:

      "You've found a new location: BP Servo"
      ""You've found a new location: The Pub"
      "You've found a new location: The damn park where the kids started chroming last month and now leave the friggin spray cans your son found..."

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