E3 Day Two Recap: The Best, The Worst And Everything In Between

With the major press conferences done and dusted, E3's second day (well, third) let us get on with what we came here to do: kick some arse and play some games.

We didn't actually kick much arse because we are pacifists and we are cowards, but we did play some games, some of which we took video footage of, others we played then played some more so we could write about them!

Without further ado, then, below you'll find everything you need to know from yesterday's E3 news. Click on any of these buttons and the blogroll (the section on the right) of the site will fill with all the relevant stories from yesterday's events.


    Never change to the Gawker blog layout, Allure. It's a freaking nightmare to navigate.

    No idea how to get most of those stories...

      *This 12x.

      Like I've said before, it's one of the major reasons why I switched from KotakuUS to KotakuAU.

      It's just ugly and hard to navigate around.

    i agree with the above. trailers and screens goes nowhere.

    Ugh, WiiU needs a sensor bar too? Not buying. I was already on a razors edge.

      It makes sense that the Wii U needs a sensor bar, otherwise you wouldn't be able to use Wiimotes with it.

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