GameFly Opens Seattle Distribution Centre, Alaska Rejoices

GameFly Opens Seattle Distribution Centre, Alaska Rejoices

The Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Wild. Majestic. Coffee-soaked. For too long these dark and mysterious areas of the United States have been bereft of a local GameFly distribution centre, forced to suffer longer-than-normal shipping times for their game rentals. Today GameFly says no more.

GameFly’s new Seattle-based distribution centre launches today with the goal of speeding up game deliver to folks in four states: Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. The new centre joins previously established locations in Los Angeles, California, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Tampa, Florida; and Austin, Texas, slathering the country with speedy video game rentals.

Except for Hawaii. No one cares about the poor, gorgeously tanned, sun-drenched residents of that forsaken place.

“We continually strive to provide our members with the best service possible, and adding the Seattle distribution centre to handle the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, will do just that,” said Dave Hodess, CEO of GameFly.

Alaska, currently in the grips of a sun that refuses to turn down the high beams for more than a few hours a day (if at all), should benefit greatly from the calming influence of faster game rentals, at least until winter comes and the vampires arrive.

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