The Damn Dirty Apes Have Learned How To Play Video Games

This cute little clip for the upcoming Planet of the Apes reboot shows a chimp kicking arse and taking names at what looks like Far Cry 2.

At least, it's cute until he breaks out, kills all those people then knocks the Statue of Liberty over. Then he can go to hell.


    Right at the end, he was holding the left thumbstick diagonally up and to the left.. yet on the screen the character wasn't moving? lolol
    AMPED for the movie, but this clip is silly

    How is he moving? He's barely even pressing the thumbstick half the time.

    Well, at least he's more polite than the average online FPS gamer.

    So we teach monkeys how to kill people and then we're surprised when they do it later. Should have made them play Mario. Sure, turtles would be extinct, but we'd be fine.

    weird. I just started playing Far Cry 2 again just last night. Now suddenly I could really go for some bananas...

    It can't have been him playing in that clip - he didn't have his fingers on the shoulder buttons - but onscreen it was firing.

    these comments are honestly classic.

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