A Peek Inside Catherine's Deluxe Love Is Over Box

No doubt taunting me for not preordering the special edition of the game, here's Atlus' Aram Jabbari sticking his hands inside Catherine's box. To think I once let him buy me pizza.


    So, any word on Australian availability?
    Haven't found a pre-order chance from EB as of yet.

      See dungeon crawl in melbourne and online

      or ozgameshop online

      or ebay guys

        OzGameShop doesn't make any mention of the preorder bonuses, so I guess I'll be keeping my VideoGamesPlus order. Shame about the hit I have to take with shipping, though.

    Anyone know why Aussies can even download the demo from XBL?

    keeps saying not available in my region.

    Preorder from videogamesplus.ca for $95. Going to be a long time coming before the game sees release in EU if at all as ATLUS US don't distribute to EU. You'll be at the mercy of a company like Ghostlight in EU etc picking up the rights and then whatever LE they come up with, if there is one.

    I pre-ordered mine from Dungeon Crawl.

    There has been no local release announced that i know of.

    Downloaded the demo from the PSN US store. Awesome.
    Preordered from ozgamesshop.

    I was looking over the preorder list at EB Games with the Manager, and I saw Catherine listed in the Pre-order list (though date's obviously a placeholder date)

      According to the EB Games PR guys over on the official Facebook page, people can pre-order it, even though it hasn't been announced here yet.
      I assume if it never gets released here, full refunds will be available.

    Just finished playing the demo which I DL'd from the US PSN store, absolutely cannot wait for the full retail release!
    It's refreshing to play a game which dares to do something different for a change!
    Got my copy preordered from dungeoncrawl, though just the game, going to have enough of a time explaining it's cover art to the missus without the deluxe version creeping her out even more, haha ;-)

    So the inside of Catherines box is awesome?

      aaannnndddd..... someone went there....


      haha ;-)

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