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Endless Space 2's exit from Early Access is a few days away and to gear up for release, developer Amplitude Studios has been putting out videos to highlight the game's 4X core (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate). Today we're looking at the second of those, showing off the varied ways in which different species can spread their influence.


As the saying I just made up goes, if you can play it, you can speedrun it. This immediately holds true for Arkane Studios' Prey, which has been beaten in just eight minutes and 20 seconds. That seems fast. Warning: video contains spoilers.


Star Trek upped the classic board game stakes with three-dimensional chess, leaving others to ask the question "Where to from here?". Enterprising carpenter Ben Meyers has the answer — throw away the platonic solids and embrace the most pure of shapes: the sphere.


Slime-San is the type of twitchy, lighting-quick platformer I'm happy to spend hours dying in. Filled with micro levels similar to Super Meat boy, the fourth project from the New York studio Fabraz takes the labyrinths of classic games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country and condenses them down into a single screen that pulses with obstacles and possibilities.


Since the end of last week, news reports have been circulating about Paul "Ice Poseidon" Denino, a streamer who got swatted while on an aeroplane and subsequently got banned from Twitch. In his eyes, he was booted unjustly, chewed up and spat out by Twitch's new "IRL" section. However, this isn't Denino's first brush with Twitch law, nor swatting, for that matter. Many people watch him because they want to see stuff like that happen. Some even go out of their way to cause it.


Games are complicated pieces of software and sometimes even the most cosmetic of changes can cause bizarre bugs. Take the recent introduction of "Mastery taunts" in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. Sounds alright — who doesn't like a new way to give opponents some attitude? Turns out the joke would be on you, with the developer forced to disable the new taunts as they were causing players to desync from matches.


The man behind Metal Gear continues to hone his persona as a really weird creative dude. At the Tribeca Film Festival's games event, Hideo Kojima revealed why the teaser for Death Stranding opened on a naked Norman Reedus as well as some other random Kojima Facts™.


Video game sequels often fix the problems of their predecessors thanks to, among other things, the iterative advancements of technology. That's on top of the fact that making creative work in the gaming medium is still an exercise in being an artistic pioneer. So you at least hope that the people making sequels know what their last game did wrong. This was a week to wonder if the folks making Halo did.