Freddy Kreuger Coming To Mortal Kombat

The next downloadable character for Mortal Kombat is Freddy Krueger, the dude with the knives on his fingers from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Where's Jason?


    The only problem with this is that it's 2010 Freddy. Hopefully he will get a classic skin!

    It's not even the real Freddy, it's that stupid reboot version

    why are you two even complaining about Aesthetics, the game will never be released down here and those who have imported it to my knowledge cannot get the DLC. . .

    God I hate this nanny state

      At least on PS3 all you have to do is create a sub-account and set your address to be within the country you purchased the game from. Then purchase a PSN card online for that region. Access the store using that account, and you'll be able to download the DLC.

      It's a bit of stuffing around, but it can be done.

      It's actually easy as piss to get the DLC. Create a fake email and an American Xbox Live account (takes about 5 minutes) then purchase a US Xbox Live points card from playasia or gamelane and then purchase the DLC through the in-game menu and when it asks for an address and such just find one using google maps (using a business is easy because it's easy to get their phone number).

      It sounds like a lot to do but the longest part is waiting for the points code to be sent to your email the rest takes 10 minutes.

      True. It's not much fun for us Aussies. I was thinking of importing it, but is that legal? Is there a way I can get in trouble for that?

      And no DLC is a bit of an arse too, if that's true.

        I imported it with no problems and it takes about 5 minutes to setup a US PSN account which gives you full access to DLC.

        All you need to do is buy your PSN credits online and they email you the redemption code immediately.

        Really not much of a hassle unless you are super lazy.

      You can get DLC and online access on xbox by making a UK account. To get points, buy them from an UK online store that will email you the code, download them to your xbox, sign in as yourself and play away happily online with what ever characters you want.

        Hatesgravity is right. You can also play it online. I do on xbox live all the time. Use the same uk account to redeem your kombat pass you get with the game.

      So it is possible to purchase DLC, however even so its still seems way too asinine and convoluted even if it is as easy as you are all indicating. But maybe that's just me.

        It's hardly convoluted. Plus there is the other added bonus of more PS1 content and everything on the store is cheaper!

          It might not seem convoluted to you, however there is no doubt that it is convoluted when the method here in Australia is compared to those used in other countries to accomplish the exact same thing.

      I complain because as someone who already has the game (And did the reader review on it for Kotaku AU) I'm going to pick up the DLC content pack (Let's hope they do a pack for PS3 like they did for 360) and I want my moneys worth.

    Freddy fucking Krueger in my MK game?

    How do I know this isn't just a fantastic dream?


    Mate, I live in Melbourne, and I've had a perfectly working copy of the game since a week after it's release. I've also managed to figure out a way to buy the DLC from the store too. I purchased the Kombat Pass, and I've gotten all 3 characters so far, so I'll definately be getting Freddy aswell. I don't want to sound like a bastard or anything, but you probably didn't try hard enough to get the game :/

      You purchased the Kombat Pass instead of redeeming the one in the box??

    Whats will be next, leatherface , chucky , xenomorph ?

    Honestly, I seem to be the only person here who thinks this is a kinda crap idea.

    I hate Kratos being there, let alone Freddy.

    It just removes me further from the MK universe.

    Also, people whining about not getting it in Australia really need to understand that importing it and getting the DLC is not that much of a hassle.

      Nope Dark Templar. I am in total utter agreement with you. This is possibly one of the greatest let down's ever. I was expecting Tanya but still hold out hope for my girl Frost to come back new and improved.

      But what do we get??

      Freddy F**king Kruger in MK!! Who's going to make an appearance next?? Tyler Durden from Fight Club (MK and Tyler both fight, seems enough of a link for NR to add him)?? This is one DLC I will not buy on principle. And to think so many MK characters that SHOULD be in the game and they put Freddy F**king Kruger in instead!! This is a joke.

      And to those who are having issues with getting the DLC, do what I did: Make an American Account and set the address to something like a Burger King or Taco Bell store so there is very little chance of someone having that address registered already then buy some U.S. PSN cards off eBay and away you go!!

      P.S. F**k You NR & Freddy!!

      No man I completely agree. They should've left all the gimmicky stuff for MK vs dc. There were plenty of decent MK characters to bring back...


    you don't sound like a bastard, you're right. I didn't try hard enough, hell I didn't try at all (I'm planning on buying it later when another game I want is released). I'm all for importing when we don't get our way but my problem if we shouldn't need to, nor should we feel like we're breaking the law when we do so.


    I don't think there are "people" whining, I think its just me, my problem once again isn't that its hard or a hassle. Its just that we need to go through so many hoops (easy hoops mind you but still hoops) to get something that people elsewhere in the world are able to get with almost no effort at all.

      Shut up troll.
      What hoops? You just create a 2nd PSN and play your American games through that one. DLC is no issue.
      Honestly my 14yr old little brother who still lives at home with him mum worked it out you're just being a little bitch.
      But it's ok, people like you spend all your time complaining/trolling while everyone else has been enjoying this game and DLC for months...

    Ohhhh... now I regret buying MK VS. DC Universe. It seems overkill to buy another MK game.

    Want to play... Freddy sooooo... bad...

      Mk vs dc sucked. The new Mk is fantastic

    HELL YES!! I would love this. Freddy is awesome.
    Also just wondering something. I'm thinking of buying the Kollector's edition from ebay. Do you guys think it'll get through ok?

      I imported 4 kollectors editions and 2 tournament editions with no issues. This was like the first week it came out too so you should have no issues bud.

        Awesome, thanks a lot for the help :)
        Thinking of getting the US one. Can you play it online?

    This is honestly the lamest 'guest character' addition to a fighting game that I have ever heard of.

    Very Disappointed.

    It would have made more sense to throw Bruce Campbell with a chainsaw into the game...

    I'll wait for a "Game of the year" version with all the DLC characters or a combined DLC pack. I love the game but DLC is too expensive

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