Section 8 Gamers Have Fallen 328,924,042,920 Metres

Section 8 Gamers Have Fallen 328,924,042,920 Metres

In 11 weeks, players of the PC and Xbox Live Arcade shooter Section 8: Prejudice have air-dropped their super-soldiers and machine-gunned their friends, many, many times. All virtual. All for fun.

Who is counting? The people at GameSpy who track the game’s online play on PC and Xbox 360. They’ve crunched numbers and created a nice infographic, debuting here at Kotaku, to show all of the game’s violence in large-number form.

Enjoy and extrapolate:


  • Does anyone know if this game is EVER coming to PSN? Really enjoyed the first one, but I bet by the time it finally comes to PSN, it’ll be dead.


  • I imagine this game would be quite fun if only BLOODY GAMES FOR WINDOWS LIVE WASN’T BUGGERED UP SO BADLY THAT I CAN’T EVEN PLAY IT!

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