StarCraft Works Surprisingly Well As A Comedic Stage Act

Yeah, this is how big StarCraft is in Korea. They can break out the Protoss v Terran gags on national TV.

And get a load of those theatrics! And get a load of that Siege Tank! Dangerous and erotic.

Korean Starcraft Sketch Comedy of the Day [TDW]


    hahaha that i awesome

    This is one of the greatest things i have seen in the last couple years...

    All i need is for this to be in english and ill completely be able to follow it.

    I hope my laughing has not awoken my housemate.

    The key to comedy is commitment.

    These guys should totally be committed!

    Mwahahah. :D

    I watched some of the other clips from this show on YouTube last night, and even though there's a language barrier, it's still funny as hell.

    I showed this clip to my mate (a massive SC nut) and he couldn't articulate a full sentence afterwards.

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