Taking A Different Approach To Far Cry 3's E3 2011 Demo

Ubisoft's E3 2011 demonstration of Far Cry 3 was—obviously—not the only way to run through the jungle and get to the chopper. Flexibility and player choice are key in Far Cry games, which Ubisoft illustrates in the above gameplay demo.

It's the other way to skin the cat that was Far Cry 3's E3 showcase, plus some commentary from Ubisoft Montreal on next year's game. You can revisit the other way to complete this same objective, with commentary, afterward.

Far Cry 3 is on the books for a 2012 release on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


    Gonna ping a few, see if I can ping a few off before I ping a few off.

    Gee, this game looks great because the graphics really let you know when you ping a few off. I'll be just like far cry 2, where the AI of the faction you were pinging a few off for all wanted to ping you off too because your pinging a few off mission was a secret mission. Gee, I think I'll start off BC2 to ping a few off and later on I'll see if I can ping a few off before I head off to bed.

    ADS on the AK 47 is completely stupid - I really hope that they change it before the game is released.

      ummmmm thats not an AK47 its a dragunov sniper rifle, so next time b4 u have a cry, try to think a lil more

        ummmmm there is an AK47 in the demo and the guy uses ADS with it, so next time b4 u try to show off, try to think a lil more

      How exactly is ADS on an AK47 stupid?

      Your completely stupid

        Ummm it's not an AK47, more like an AK103, sheesh

    Sup dawg, I herd you like pinging, so I put an ping in your ping so you can pinging while you ping.

    Get to da choppa!

    I liked it when he pinged a few off.

    Hahahaa... Am i witnessing the birth of a meme?

    Wow, he said the same word a whopping four times, let's make a note of that.

    Either way, hanging for FC3, the other games were awesome and this is shaping up to be just as good if not better.

    This game looks like an awesome way to ping a few off while getting to da choppa!

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