Battlefield Publisher Predicts Call Of Duty Will Collapse ‘In 2-3 Years’

Battlefield Publisher Predicts Call Of Duty Will Collapse ‘In 2-3 Years’

EA, publisher of the upcoming Battlefield 3, responded today to a call from their competition for cooler rhetoric with some heated trash talk.

“Welcome to the big leagues Eric,” EA spokesperson Jeff Brown said in a comment issued to Kotaku but adressed to Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision and the man who said in Germany this week that EA’s expressed hopes that his company’s Call of Duty will “rot from the core” are harmful for the industry.

“I know you’re new in the job,” Brown continued, “but someone should have told you this is an competitive industry. You’ve got every reason to be nervous. Last year Activision had a 90 share in the shooter category. This year, Battlefield 3 is going to take you down to 60 or 70. At that rate, you’ll be out of the category in 2-3 years. If you don’t believe me, go to the store and try to buy a copy of Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk.”

As CEOs or spokespeople often do, Brown was boiling down the heated competition between EA and Activision’s shooter games to numbers. The share he refers to is the amount of games sold in a genre go to a single series. The Call of Duty/Modern Warfare dominance in the military shooter genre has frustrated EA, whose Medal of Honor series used to dominate and whose recent Battlefield: Bad Company games, while well-reviewed, couldn’t budge the king from his throne. EA’s been wanting to take Activision down for a while, with Bad Company, with a revived Medal of Honor but also with the assumption that their best shout would be October’s Battlefield 3. That game is aimed to battle with Activision’s November-scheduled Modern Warfare 3.

Brown’s crack about Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk is a reference to those once-dominant music and sports series falling so badly that neither has a new game out this year.

Activision has had limited reasons to sweat EA lately. Its Call of Duty and Modern Warfare games have been smashing sales records for several consecutive numbers, easily cracking 10 million copies sold swiftly, ruling online play for months after their release. Activision is on the verge of launching a free and premium Call of Duty community and stat-tracking service and is staging a Call of Duty fan convention next month. Those are either the signs of the bubble Brown believes Battlefield is about to burst or they are the evidence that the juggernaut Call of Duty continues to be in shape to shrug off all comers.


      • The games industry is rife with this kind of crap. Just look at all the rubbish that spews forth from the various console manufacturers, too. It’s just embarrassing really that you’ve got these people at the very top of a multibillion dollar industry and they carry on like a bunch of children.

        I don’t really follow other businesses like I do the games business, but surely no other major industry sees this level of childishness from its supposed leaders? Does the CEO of Nissan come out talking shit about Ford (or whatever)? Or do they just put the effort into something productive and let the cars speak for themselves? Does the boss of Gibson talk shit about Fender? Or does he just worry about getting his own company to make the best guitars they can?

        Time for the games business to grow up a bit, I reckon.

  • COD is popular because anybody can pick it up and get some easy kills. Makes the person feel like his awesome. Bogans love this game.

    BF is way harder to play though soo much better. Cant wait for bf3. Going to buy a new PC just to play it. Havent done that for any game since wow vanilla.

  • yeah, this guy isn’t doing EA or the battlefield series any favors. he’ll just look silly when MW3 stays on top in online play and sales.

  • Agreed. EA should cool their heels and let the product prove itself. I haven’t played COD since the horror of MW3 and am looking forward to BF3 but, the way EA are talking, it has to be the best FPS of this generation and if it’s not they are going to look a little silly.

    • “I haven’t played COD since the horror of MW3”

      EH? Time machine much?

      I’m gathering you mean part 2…

  • All this smack talk is gonna come back to bite him when CoD inevitably sells more copies in the first 24 hours than Battlefield 3 does in the first month.

    Battlefield 3 may be the superior game, but CoD is a bloody dynasty at the moment. . .

  • I hope the modern warfare story ends in MW3 and they move onto something else. I think their is still one or two black ops games before the setting becomes non-fun.

    I think 3-4 more COD games (one per year) is not a bad guess for predicting the end of COD. Though no doubt just like Sonic the hedgehog, their will be two or more games after the death just to ruin all the good memories we had.

    proboly find though it will be a multiplayer only title with biyearly paid updates will be the best road for COD to take.

  • While part of me thinks that EA execs should just simmer down and let the game speak for itself (me and my friends have found Bad Company 2 way more fun than COD series of late) I do actually think that EA is winning the PR war here, the last big shot we saw from Activision was their admittedly very funny trailer for COD Elite, but the MW3 reveal has been drowned out by Battlefield 3.

    I think EA is betting the farm (to some extent) on BF3 (look at all the advertising for it, all the videos on YouTube and at every opportunity EA execs are smack talking against COD) while it would be better for them to calm down I think you have to shout to get the attention of the ingrained COD audience.

    • EA have obviously put out a massive budget to try and claim a stake on this one. Be interesting to see what Acti comes out with at the CoD XP event – wouldn’t expect them to watch their sole remaining big franchise diminish from a lack of media exposure.

    • Yes… because you, one person… does that… he’ll cry. He’ll console himself with the millions of others who buy it over Origin. He’ll wipe his tears with MONEY.

      • I think that you’ll find that, although it won’t be a dramatic difference, cutting Steam out of the BF3 equation will cost them sales.

        What will be most interesting though (for me anyway) is how many people on launch will have issues getting BF3 to even install properly.

          • No doubt they will. But EA will still have lost sales on the PC front due to their feud with Steam.

          • PC sales for bad company 2 where around 25% of total sales, and with BF3 trying to market to the audience of people who loved the original battlefields that percentage will probably be bigger. At least, it would have been until all this origins bullshit and everything else they’ve said.

  • I could easily say ‘FaceBook will be dead in 3-5 years, or the large Aussie Car will be dead in 5 years, it comes back to people get tired of the same thing, and something else comes along to replace it.

    I will buy MW3, but I’m going to wait until next year just to finish the story. After that I won’t buy another Call of Duty, because well I’m tired of it.

    Perhaps it’s down to FPS overload.

  • It’s sad that he is resulting to this sort of behaviour to promote their game, or potentially damage its reputation.

    EA keep talking as if CoD is a critical disaster that somehow sells – but from memory, I would believe that even though there have been twice as many CoD games to Battlefield since COD4 was released, the CoD games have always rated higher critically and obviously commercially.

    I do like EA – but they’re trying to take this rivalry too far. I don’t see Activision trash talking DICE or EA over Battlefield and well if they do, not nearly half as much as EA seem to be doing.

  • Someone should ask him why they neglect Australian servers for their games and let them stay pissed off.

    Say what you will about CoD, but at least I can play with Australians in it!

  • I checked the steam top games stats like a few months back, and CS:S had mroe players than all of the CODs, Black ops had been out for like a few weeks.

    So CSS wins 😀

    I love css.

    • Funnily enough I was thinking about the Steam top game stats as well.

      MW2 is pretty much consistently getting 3-4 times the player peak count of BC2 and Blops is getting about 2-3 times the count. So Brown better hope that Activision don’t make him eat those words when it comes to BF3 and MW3.

      • MW2 and BO are Steamworks games, though. Every PC player playing those two games online would be using Steam.

        I think BC2 has more players on the PC too, judging from how easy it is to find a game late at night in comparison to CoD.

  • How many times will people think this is going to kill the iPhone. Wait, what? Oh, wrong conversation.

    As much as Battlefield is a guaranteed success as this point, they’ve already stated that they won’t beat Call of Duty in terms of numbers (which is what the bottom line has always been about at the end of the day), so I really don’t understand all the smack talk.

    • Don’t let marketing fool you. iOS marketshare has been on a steady drop since Q2-3 last year whilst Android has been on a tremendous rise 😛

      But I see what you’re saying. Carry on, sir.

  • No doubt they’ve got the game but they really need to put a lot into the games marketting. MW3 had ads during the state of origin but there was nothing for bf3. Cram ads for the game everywhere. Just showing 30 seconds to a minute of footage from Capsian border at half time on footy games (same audience who would play their game) will get plenty of sales.

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