Rock Band 3 Has A New Publisher -- Mad Catz!

Harmonix's rock solid 2010 rock 'n' roll game Rock Band 3 will be re-released later this year under the guidance of a new publisher, Mad Catz. That's right. The people who make Rock Band guitar and keyboard controllers are now publishing the game.

Mad Catz, better known for its joysticks, gamepads and expensive flight sim gear, recently announced its intentions to start developing and publishing games. It's snapping up publishing rights to Rock Band 3 for "this holiday season and beyond," taking over where defunct publisher MTV Games left off.

Publisher Mad Catz says it will bundle Rock Band 3 software with its Rock Band 3 wireless keyboard controller, Wireless Fender Stratocaster guitar controller and Wireless Fender Mustang PRO guitar controller for the re-release.


    Actually... that's not a bad move at all.

    This makes far too much sense.

    I like this a lot, especially if Mad Catz remembers that Australia exists, then we can finally see guitar controllers in store again and not just the GH6 (7/21/?) bundles.

    Most of their controllers are dodgy, but they've always done the rock band ones right. It's a shame the Keyboard, nor the adaptor, ever actually got into stores in Australia (or at least the 8 stores and online databases I checked).

      I managed to pick up a keyboard instore at Glen Waverly, Melbourne for $130. It was the only one I found and was lucky enough to get it.

      The keyboard certainly had a limited release. I got one at JB.

    Now if only they could bundle it with an Australian release of Rock Band 2. Just being able to import the songs from RB2 into RB3 would make me a happy camper.

      Send a support email to EA saying your Rock Band 2 code doesn't work and they will send you an export code for RB3 no questions asked.

    ...I think I'm OK with this!

    This is great news, nice one Mad Catz!!

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