The Stealth, Speed And Devastation Of Ace Combat Assault Horizon

The Stealth, Speed And Devastation Of Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Do you know what today is? It’s Ace Combat Assault Horizon Friday, that’s what day it is! Starting this week, Namco Bandai promises to show off a different set of their game’s mighty list of aircraft every Friday.

This Friday is all about four aircraft: the unparalleled air superiority of the F-22A Raptor, the deadly stealth of the F-117A Night Hawk, the stunning manoeuvrability of Russia’s elusive PAK-FA fighter and the exceptional destructive power and versatility of the F-35B Lightning II.

Here’s the game’s FULL list of craft, just in case you were wondering: Fighter Aircraft: F-22A Raptor F-35B LightningⅡ F-15C Eagle F-15E Strike Eagle F-14D Super Tomcat F-16C Fighting Falcon F-16F Fighting Falcon F/A-18F Super Hornet A-10A ThunderboltⅡ F-117A Nighthawk Typhoon Gripen C RafaleM Mirage2000-5 F-2A PAK-FA Su-47 Berkut Su-35 Flanker-E Su-33 Flanker-D Su-24MP Fencer Su-34 Fullback Su-25TM Frogfoot MiG-21bis Fishbed MiG-29A Fulcrum F-4E PhantomⅡ

Helicopters: AH-64D Apache Longbow Mi-24 Hind MH-60 BLACK HAWK (Door gunner)

Bombers: B-1B B-2 Spirit

Gunship: AC-130U Spooky


F-22A Raptor


F-35B Lightning II


F-117A Night Hawk


PAK-FA fighter


  • Hi Namco, it’s me again. Just ringing to let you know that my lovely X-52 Pro hotas is just sitting around waiting for this to be released on PC.

    Anyways, call me.

  • So long as I can bomb the shit out of ground targets with an asortment of bombers and strike fighters Ill be happy.

  • I don’t know why these games always shove in the Nighthawk. It’s incapable of dogfighting, has poor maneuvrability and its once-cutting edge stealth feature is now industry standard in fighters.

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