With Warhammer: Space Marine, The Future's So Dark You Gotta Wear Shades


    Does text in links count as words since they don't show up onscreen? If so this might be the shortest article I've ever seen

    Brian.. feth me man, you seriously suck!

      Seriously - way to give the clip no context at all, or the fact it's part of a series of clips

        The wit of the topic is so bad...

          Seriously, Kotaku US have done 2 articles with little to no respect or interest in this game, so why the hell would they even bother... man i just want to spend all night working on an article to show them how actual previews are done...

          Bloody lazy half-wits

            Maybe Mark can do a proper write up when the demo lands or something. We need more contributors like him.

            Yeah, its like kotaku need new writers.

            Hmm now thats a coincidence, I'm a writer... resume available upon request...

              yeah badmouthing a websites staff in a forum post is usually how i get work too… resume available upon request…

                Yeah but when it comes to an "article" consisting entirely of a 12 word title and an embedded youtube video, that staff member deserves a bit of scorn

    Warhammer 40K isn't Japanese enough to get text from Brian.

    I wouldn't mind if these 'articles' weren't displayed on Kotaku AU. If I wanted to look at trailers on YouTube with no context, I'm quite able to find them myself. Thanks though.

      indeed - especially when it's detrimental to what could be a fantastic game

      ...and from what i've heard, it is! lol

        I agree completely. Although I'm a fan of 40k, this doesn't make me want to view the trailer in the slightest.

        I'm almost offended by the expectation that I regard this as journalism.

    Realy, the only thing about this game i dont love (Well, from the trailers at least ) Is that it's the bloody Ultrasmurfs. Still, the rest is golden, and i mcant wait for the 8th!

    I can't wait for this game - I think I am even going to bend over and pay Australian retail for it, as waiting for delivery from OGS would kill me.

    Surely 38,000 years into the future.

    Did I see necrons in that trailer?

    thought that too, not necron just cultists with glowy eyes

    ... why would you wear shades in the dark?

    Is it just me, or did that voice actor sound incredably bored and disengaged with the script.


      The voice over just didn't sound "epic" enough


        Incredibly inappropriate voiceover.

    Looks most nifty

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