Wolfenstein Game Yanked From European Markets Over Swastikas

The iOS version of id Software's Wolfenstein 3D has been withdrawn from sale in two European countries over its use of the Nazi swastika.

The game has been pulled in both Austria and Switzerland, according to a tweet from id boss John Carmack, "due to the offensive swastikas".

This shouldn't be too big a surprise. Like Germany, Austria has strict laws prohibiting the public display of the Nazi swastika, and while Switzerland has no such law (indeed, recent attempts to bring such a law in were defeated), it won't be the first body to willingly censor the game: Nintendo did just the thing nearly 20 years ago.

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    Wait. So Ze Germans didn't pull it? Or it was just a case of 'no fucking way' from the get go?

      I doubt id ever gave Germany the chance to pull it. They would already have known it was illegal in that country.

    What ever you do, don't-mention-ze-var.

    im pretty sure the swastika was originally a symbol of peace until it was hijacked by nazis annnnnd yada yada yada.

      Indeed. Swastikas in various forms have been around for ages. It's just THAT one that people get funny about.

      Also, I'm suprised id tried it on in Austria when they have it banned like Ze Germans.

      if i remember correctly hindu religion and the reversed one is asian called a manji

      Sure, but the swastikas in Wolfenstein 3D are Nazi swastikas. You'd have a hard time claiming that they weren't Nazi references.

    i dont know why they would pull a game loosely based on history isnt it about killin teh germans

      Because as far as those countries are concerned, the 3rd Reich has been erased from history.

        Well, no, you're an idiot. The laws drawn up banning the swastika etc were part of the denazification after WW2 - pushed in no small part by the Allies. They're very aware of WW2 over there, as opposed to the "I know about WW2 because I played COD!" crap I see on the internet way too often.

          I think you'll find that in those countries, they touch on the nazis in school as part of history then it's pretty much not spoken of. Kinda the same way Australia doesnt talk about the stolen generation and the slave trade is all but folk lore in America.

          If that's not erasing it from history it's damn close.

    Obligatory Fawlty Towers video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfl6Lu3xQW0

    There are swastikas in Wolfenstein? OH SHI-

    This is so stupid.

    it amuses me that people seem to disregard the fact that Nazi Germany shaped the world as we know it.
    History cannot be erased. Sieg Heil

    You're shottin' the Nazis.

    Isn't that a good thing?

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