Facebook Game Studio Formed By EA Sports Defectors Readies First Release

Rowshambow, the studio formed by the former studio general manager over EA Sports' Madden and Tiger Woods franchises, is nearing its first release, less than six months after it opened. Woodland Heroes, built by a team with at least a dozen alumni of EA's Tiburon studio, will soon launch on Facebook.

Philip Holt, Rowshambow's president and CEO, left EA Sports to form this venture after a reorganization late last year that did away with the label's site executive structure. In time, eleven developers with Tiburon experience joined him to build Rowshambow, including former Madden NFL creative director Ian Cummings and former Tiburon chief technology officer Richard Wifall. (In an unrelated departure, Madden executive producer Phil Frazier left to become an executive producer at Facebook-game — and direct EA competitor — Zynga.)

A post on Rowshambo's official blog said Woodland Heroes is in its testing phase right now, with a public release to come soon.

We've Been Busy [Rowshambow]


    People actually play Facebook games?!

      Some do... alot. It's kinda creepy

    Every time an EA employee defects in the US, they kill a studio in Australia.

    Lol if it launches on the day Anonymous attempt/succeed to bring down the site. (nov 5)

    Was interested until I read "Facebook". Oh wait, Facebook was the first word. I guess I never was interested at all actually.

    Rowshambow's team in the gaming industry is like the seal team in the Navy.
    They are going to kick some buttockski.

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