Here It Is, The Steampunk Fight Stick

Jeff Katzenell from B15SDM Designs didn't add a little steampunk to his custom fight stick, he added a lot.

"All the pieces are originally crafted, including the stick itself, with the exception of the Seimitsu buttons," Katzenell told Kotaku.

Seimitsu is a famed Japanese arcade button maker.

There's also a blue-green LED light at the bottom of the fight stick, and the buttons light up in white light when pressed.

"Took a while to craft, but well worth it," he added.

According to Katzenell, he's a "hardcore QA tester" at Aksys Games. That's not all, he's also a hardcore stick builder.



    Holy crap! DO WANT!!

    Very impressive and I do love steam punk tech especialy when it looks like the cogs and tubes actualy have function. Not so much when cogs are just glued in random places and not connected to anything. Still, a very good peice.

    Almost as good as mine.

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