I Could Never Stay Mad At You, NBA 2K12

NBA 2K12 has had a rough couple of weeks. A lot of the goodwill built up in August for the game's nostalgic "NBA's Greatest" mode was washed out by news of lockout-frozen rosters and repackaged premium DLC. And then Kurtis Blow comes up over the speakers, and Dikembe wags his finger at you, and you find yourself willing to forgive a lot.

Review copies don't arrive until tomorrow but Operation Sports and its magic elves managed to snatch a copy before street date and post this video of the game's opening sequence. So was last year's opening montage. We still have some things to talk about, NBA 2K12, but I could never stay mad at you.


    Typical US article rubbish - you really going to blame 2K for lockout-frozen rosters?
    There is a labor dispute happening - The NBA does not own the rights to the current players due to the owners locking out the players, hardly something that could even remotely be leveled at 2K as a criticism...

    This game will rule.

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