Ice-T's Gears Of War 3 Character Is A Facebook Unlock

Like Gears of War on Facebook and the Ice-T voiced Aaron Griffin is yours to do with as you please in Gears of War 3 multiplayer. Use him!


    How far behind is Kotaku? Man.

    Also, that's not Griffin.

      Far behind? This was announced by Major Nelson on his twitter the other day, so I imagine that's where Kotaku got it from...

        Steve is right.
        I unlocked this guy at least a month ago.

        Yeah, same here. Unlocked this a LONG time ago (posted in august)

        Weird that major has only just announced it, unless maybe he's just reminding everyone?

    they've been advertising it on the Gears Of War 2 Menu screen for over a month

      I didn't know this though, that's the wonder of "news". It is the delivery of information, regardless of how "out-of-date" you may think it is, there are people that aren't as up-to-date as those who have been scouring the internet for information.

      All above comments are redundant.

        lol so Kotaku should post the same stories everyday in case someone missed one?

        I get your point, but he only said that its been news for a while... not that kotaku shouldn't post it

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