Look At Japanese Booth Babes Until You Get Barfy

During this year's Tokyo Game Show, Japanese website Inside Games thought it would be a good idea to film this year's booth companions. Maybe it was.

Inside Games also thought it would be a good idea to film them with a 3D camera. Meaning? Meaning if you have a 3D television, a 3D smartphone, a 3D computer monitor, or a 3D head display you could apparently watch the above YouTube clip, and it *should* render the booth companions in eye-popping 3D.

Or you could just stare at them cross-eyed. Works for Nintendo!

The videos were recently uploaded to Inside Games, and the second video is in good old fashioned 2D. If you're into that.

東京ゲームショウのコンパニオンを3Dムービーで [Inside Games]


    Um... this isn't meant for 3D TVs or anything. It's meant for good old fashioned red&blue 3D glasses. I know this because I just watched it using said glasses. The 3D butt was quite amusing.

    I had to swap the left and right images for watching it cross-eyed (it works the other way around... sorta... not really properly...).
    @Mr Waffle, youtube supports a variety of 3D options including various glasses, interleaved, etc.

      Cancel that... if you select "no glasses" "cross eyed" (like i should have) instead of "side by side", then you shouldn't have to flip it (and you get that handy white dots to making crossing your eyes that much easier)

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