The Joe Danger Sequel Is A Movie Game That's Not Based On A Movie

Back when I thought my time at the Penny Arcade Expo was going to be shortened due to a hurricane, I rushed to the area of the show where Hello Games was showing Joe Danger: The Movie.

I'd heard the game was looking great.

It was, and I shot this video to prove it. We're looking at Joe Danger: The Movie, which takes the gameplay of the first game—stunt-filled side scrolling racing a la Excitebike and Trials — and moves it into the context of the title character zipping through the sets of one extremely varied movie.Joe races his bike through city streets, hits the snowy slopes on skis and a snowmobile, careens through a Western in a mine cart and jetpacks through a town attacked by robots.

This new one seems like an enjoyable upgrade. It's certainly great to look at and was one of the more attractive downloadable indie games at the show.

Joe Danger: The Movie is slated for an early 2012 release, but the developers haven't even sorted out their multiplayer modes yet, so we'll see. The game was shown on Xbox 360 and PC at PAX, but no platforms are confirmed and Hello doesn't sound like they're skipping the PlayStation 3, where the original Joe Danger was a downloadable gem.


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