A Guide To Batman's Arkham City Wardrobe

By our count, there are 14 alternate costumes or characters you may play as in Batman: Arkham City, through a variety of promotions, pre-order bonuses and timed-exclusive downloadable content available now.

The "good" news, I suppose, is that all of this stuff will be available at some point — for a price. So if you're intent on collecting Batman's entire wardrobe, don't run out and buy the NOS energy drink, the Green Lantern DVD and two copies of the game, one from Best Buy and the other from GameStop. Unless, of course, you really want to.

Of course, the bad news is that all of this stuff will be available at a price. Specifically, $US5 will get you the Skins Pack on December 6; $US7 gets you Nightwing on November 1; and another $US7 gets you Robin's DLC on November 22. Catwoman is included with new copies of the game, and GameStop is even giving out Catwoman DLC codes for used copies. Otherwise it's $US10, sort of like an Online Pass.

There was also apre-order bonus that did not include any skins. The Joker's Carnival, a challenge map, was offered by GameStop (US) and Tesco (UK). No word on its availability otherwise.

So here's a look at the many looks of Batman: Arkham City. Unless otherwise noted, all purchasing information is US based.

Main image, from left

Batman Beyond

How to get it: Buy a can of NOS energy drink. Under the tab (or cap) there's a code. Plug that into this website and you'll get another code. Plug that code into PSN or Xbox Live and you get the skin.

The Dark Knight Returns

How to get it: It comes with the Arkham City Collector's Edition.

Earth One Batman

How to get it: So far available only in Australia or New Zealand; purchase the game from either Mighty Ape (New Zealand) or JB Hi-Fi (Australia)

1970s Batman

How to get it: Came with a preorder of the game at Toys 'R' Us.

Batman: The Animated Series

How to get it: Be a member of GameStop's PowerUp Rewards club, buy the game from GameStop.

Top right

Batman: Year One

How to get it: Available in the $US5 Skins Pack on December 6.

Bottom right

Sinestro Corps Batman

How to get it: PS3-only so far. Buy the Green Lantern Extended Cut Blu Ray. It's got the code for the skin inside. It will become available in the $US5 Skins Pack on Dec. 6.

All skins shown will be available in the $US5 Skins Pack on December 6.

Clockwise from left

Catwoman (standard), Catwoman (The Animated Series) and Catwoman (The Long Halloween)

How to get them: Buy the game new. Basically, it's another $US10 "Online Pass", but GameStop is giving out codes free to those who buy the game used. The Catwoman DLC also includes a substantial bit of content, including extra missions and Catwoman-specific Riddler trophies to collect.

From left

Red Robin, Robin and Robin (The Animated Series)

How to get them: Buy the game from Best Buy. Like Catwoman, this comes with extra content playable only as Robin. The DLC also will be available for $US7 on both networks on November 22.


How to get it: Available November 1 as premium DLC for $US7. Includes extra playable content.


    Or: Wait for the GOTY edition.

      I wasn't going to buy it straight away since I've got a pile of other games to play first (including finishing the first game...), but that didn't even come to mind until now. Thanks!

    Hrmm so what you are saying is that if I want all the content I shouldn't buy it yet? OK. I'll just not spend any money on it yet.

    I have every bit of DLC mentioned there (plus the Penguin challenge maps) EXCEPT Batman: Year One and Sinestro Corps Batman.

    I'm not sure two costumes is worth $10 (which is more like what we'll pay here) :\

    I'm just going to get the GOTY edition in 18 months on Steam for under $10.

    Until then, my copy from Big W at $68 with only the catwoman DLC (I don't need to play the game looking like a different batman) on 360 will suffice.

    It should be mentioned that you can't access these skins in story until you beat the main quest.


      I was pretty pissed off when I found out. I was looking forward to mucking about in different costumes as I play the game.

      Is that including the Catwoman skins? That's a shame. Their Catwoman design irks me. I'd love to change it to the animated version, right from the start.

        That includes Catwoman.

        You can access the skins right off the bat (pun intended) in Challenge Mode but until you finish the game, you can't use them in the main game for either character.

        After the credits roll, you can select the skin when you go into the game but that's it.

      I thought you could change skins whenever :(

      Oh well now I don't mind have cancelled my preorder from Mighty Ape so that I could get it on Steam.

    In Australia, EB had the 1970s Batman skin and the Joker's Carnival challenge map as pre-order bonuses.

    JB had the Earth One and Animated Series skins as well as the Robin DLC with pre-orders.

      Got it from JB and was thinking I was really dumd not being able to access the skins.

      It's pretty shit that you have to complete the game to use them.

    Just a question unrelated to the skins, Was the Batman: Under the Red Hood Blu-Ray a pre-order bonus for buying Arkham City Collectors Edition at EB?

      nah, it was with the Steelbook edition for $99. I got it on Saturday. Gotham Knight came with teh collectors ed.

        weird, when I went to pick up my CE at EB Games last week (it came with Gotham Knight in the box) they put a Blu-Ray of under the Red Hood in as well. . .

          they have WAAAAYYYY too much stock and want to get rid of it asap, i asked politely at my local store and walked out with 4 copies on blu ray and 1 on DVD even though i only ordered 2 steelbook copies of the game.

    ^Yeh Marvel Fan is right the Jokers carnvival pack came with an EB Games pre-order and is Robin available in the singleplayer or just challenge maps?

    Hmm, i bought the Collectors edition and got all the following... plus im sure theres more, i got the robin dlc, as well as catwoman... cant remember the rest?!?

    The Dark Knight Returns
    Earth One Batman
    Batman: The Animated Series
    Batman Year one

    I know its purely cosmetic, but the batman beyond skin looks pretty sweet... anyone with a spare code??? ¶:Þ

    I wonder with the Batman Beyond skin, does it come with a different voice? considering canonically it is a different person, not Bruce Wayne. . .

      Technically, Bruce did wear that suit in the first episode of Batman Beyond.

      I don't think alternate DLC skins fall under canon.

      The dark knight returns would have to fight an aged joker, which i'm sure they are planning to try and sell us as well.

    Second Batman = Batman: Too much cheese, i ate it

      Do folks honestly think that he's fat in Dark Knight Returns?


          Crazy. When I'm 55 I'd be happy if I was half as buff as Bruce in DKR.

    Yeah I think the default skins are the best actually...

    I'm not a fan of buying "skin packs" but I'm willing to do it for Batman... Cause it's Batman

    I still want Red Son Batman.

      or Earth 2 Owlman, with his heart on the right side when you use detective mode.

    So are all skins availible for DL with the skin packs?

    Except the collectors editions DKR of coarse.

    The Sinetro Corps uniform isn't even the correct uniform! Batmans sinestro corps costume was purple and black, not yellow and black. Rookies wear purple and black until they become fully fledged members. Batman never did any of the Sinestro Corps training as the ring rejected him, and so never had the yellow and black costume.

    Yes, I am a comic book geek.

      I never followed the Lantern stuff so when I heard about this costume I googled it and all that came up were pictures and action figures of Bats in a yellow and black Sinestro outfit (save for ONE image of a purple and black outfit) so if they people behind the extra costumes aren't comic book geeks it's easy to see how the mistake was made.

    Hooray for fatman and purple goblin catwoman!

      on that note I reckon australia should have come up with an aussie exclusive skin...

      shorts, singlet and thongs. we'll call him Batbogan.

    I kinda hope they'll eventually release a "Long Halloween" skin for Batman to go with the one for Catwoman.

    I got mine through Amazon, so the only extra skins I have are for Catwoman at the moment. I'm curious, is there a way for Catwoman in the story mode or NewGame+ mode to have one of the alternate skins? or is she always going to have the default skin in all storymodes? I'd much rather have her in her TAS or Long Halloween suits. The absurd cleavage is just so silly to me...

    You can use any downloaded skins for batman in new game plus mode even during the story

    Let me rephrase if you want to play in another batman skin during the story you'll have to start a new game plus mode story

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