Children Create Skylanders Chess

Children Create Skylanders Chess

Children of Andy Robertson, writer for Wired’s GeekDad blog, reached their limit of video game time over the weekend but did not want to stop playing Skylanders.

The kids continued to play with their action figures, but weren’t allowed to integrate them with the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures video game any more. So, what did they do with their time?

The children and their father spent the next two hours creating the rules to a version of Skylanders chess based on the different characters’ skills.

What began with accidentally knocking over pieces to a chess game quickly turned into a new, detailed version of the classic board game that the children grew to love.

I think it’s great to see this kind of creativity from kids especially when video games are the inspiration. This wholesome, fun experience is part of the reason we recommended Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure to families.

I hope the kids spread this to their friends, and that it incites more creativity. It could work towards reversing the negative image video games have as mindless entertainment for today’s youth. Mind you, everything should be done in moderation, but gaming can help spur the imagination, as seen in this case.

Make sure to hop over to the GeekDad blog to read the full rules and give the game a try, if you have enough of the toys.

Kids Invent Skylanders Chess [Wired]


  • And how is playing chess any different to playing videogames?

    Parents who inflict time limits on video gaming, only to have them go play a different game, are idiots.

    • Video games are typically seen as a very passive & singular activity also like watching TV.
      Studies have shown ANY other activity that promotes imagination, (particularly) communication & interaction with others is seen as beneficial from an overall learning perspective. Use your brain in different ways multiple times a day and kids do better at school, something that also helps adults (& older adults) stay young. From your perspective as well if the kids went outside and played a physical like Football (also a game last lime I looked) the parents are also idiots?
      You can remove your foot from your own mouth any time you choose.

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