Did Frontier Just Confirm Jurassic World Evolution 3 Is On The Way?

Did Frontier Just Confirm Jurassic World Evolution 3 Is On The Way?

Good news, dinosaur heads: life has once again found a way. Jurassic World Evolution 3 is seemingly underway. In its latest earnings report, Frontier Developments has confirmed that it plans to make a new game connected to the Jurassic World franchise.

Now, the Frontier one-pager doesn’t come right out and say its Jurassic World Evolution 3, but it certainly spotlights Jurassic World Evolution 1 and 2 as financial successes. On that basis alone, and the fact that Frontier is known for park sim and strategy titles in the same vein, I think it’s pretty safe to take a punt on the project at hand here. It even refers to it as a “third Jurassic World game” which seems like a tipping of their hand, to be honest.

I had thought that Jurassic World Evolution 2 may have fallen well short of the original game’s sales, but maybe I was wrong. In the release, Frontier calls it the studio’s second-best-performing game, beaten only by its predecessor.

A possible Jurassic World Evolution 3 is music to my ears — the Jurassic World Evolution games are some of the most enjoyable theme park management sims I’ve played in years. I do have to say that I preferred the original’s scenario-focused campaign to the sequel’s more free-wheeling, from-scratch approach. The original put me on an island that had previously gone to hell and tasking me with fixing it, ducking environmental hazards as I went. It gave me lots of clear problems to solve. The sequel, though it certainly boasted many mechanical and logistical improvements, it felt too open-ended for me. Its campaign was too fragmented, and its challenges never felt like they tested me. It was more interested in giving me the tools to build virtual Jurassic Park dioramas, which is fine but not quite what I wanted. I hope Frontier’s third attempt finds a happier medium (or just brings back the sequential campaign tbh).

Of course, this might all be wishful thinking. Maybe Frontier’s gonna make one of those open world action-adventure RPGs the industry seems to like so much. I guess we’ll see!

For those who are fans of Frontier’s Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo titles, don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about you. Frontier says its current plans for the next three financial years involve the release of “one new CMS (creative management simulation) game per year.” Currently, one of its owned-and-operated IP is on “on track” for FY25 and Frontier says it expects to announce that in the coming months. This ‘third Jurassic World game’ will slot in for FY26 and :a third unannounced CMS game is planned for FY27.”

All this, and they’re getting another edition of F1 Manager out this year. They’re busy bees at Frontier.

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