Doom 4 "Indefinitely Postponed" Following RAGE’s Disappointing Launch

Doom 4 "Indefinitely Postponed" Following RAGE’s Disappointing Launch

A source claiming to be close to the publishers of the recently-launched RAGE has told Kotaku that, at a recent “company wide” meeting held in Dallas, Bethesda and parent company Zenimax made the decision to “indefinitely postpone” development of Doom 4.

Despite having been first announced back in 2008, Doom 4 has been on the backburner at developers id while work was completed on multiplatform shooter RAGE, which was released earlier this month to decidedly mixed reviews. While Crecente enjoyed it (and I’m digging it as well), the game’s repetitive nature and numerous technical issues left it falling well short of many people’s expectations.

The apparent source says that Zenimax and Bethesda made the decision based on the “the issues and reviews” surrounding RAGE’s launch, which in their eyes has demonstrated “a serious lack of confidence in the project management at id”.

Remember that, before you get too invested in this, at the moment the news is entirely unconfirmed. We’ve contacted Bethesda for comment and clarification, and will update if we hear back.


        • Says it all really – when you describe buying a game almost as charity to the developers rather than an experience you wanted a piece of.

          I look at videos of this game (and it does look good in a weird ‘what Borderlands looked like before they went cel-shaded’ kind of way) and I can’t help but think that the whole shooter genre has passed these people by.

          Every successful shooter nowdays has a hook, COD is sheer spectacle and a ludicrous storyline, Battlefield is tactical squad play and wholesale destruction, Halo is twitch-shooting and sandbox variety, TF2 has sublime class balance and a hilarious motif, Bioshock gives you sci-fi powers and political theory, Half Life is puzzle solving punctuated by desperate survival against the odds. Hell even Brink had parkour mixed with a dynamic objective system.

          What does Rage have? Car combat, a genre that done to death on the PS1, now granted it might be really good car combat I don’t know – but if you’ve played Halo or GTA in the past few years and tried to shoot from a moving vehicle – you’ll know that no-one has pulled it off well.

          • Sigh. Yes, I wanted a part of the experience too, silly!

            You’re right that the game does not offer anything new. But I was after a shot at id’s first expansive shooter. I wanted polish and a meaty shotgun. And I got it.

      • There was nothing wrong with his comment…he did his bit by helping id. Personally i thought RAGE was a big let down. Amazing graphics and physics but shocking storyline and very repetitive.

  • I hope this is a false rumour… cause if they’re cancelling Doom 4, what are id going to do?… probably close down.

  • Could simply mean they are going to hold it back for the next gen. Which would mean they could ensure that it comes out on equal footing for both

  • I bought it, played it till about 40% then lost intersted, the graphic issues, repeativiness and overall gameplay just lost me and didnt hold me enough to complete it before another game drew my attention

    • Yeah ozgameshop and play-asia have pissed me off too many times. I live in Melbourne so now I spend maybe $5-$10 more than online and get all my games from Dungeon Crawl.

  • I’ve always loved Id, ever since Commander Keen days but when I heard they were purchased by another company I thought “Oh No…this is not good at all”.

    One of the things that I loved about Id was the fact that it was a small group of people that loved making games and they would nearly always show the big boys how to make games (Doom) and they had control. Yes they need to expand but ……..????

    I honestly think Id has lost their (for a better word) mojo, the stuff that made them unstoppable before Doom 3

    • And yet, like they did with Bethesda…

      Zenimax have been the most relaxed about development schedules and what developers can do (publically at least).

  • I ordered RAGE through ozgameshop so I had to wait about a week and a half for my copy.

    So far the action is great and the environments are gorgeous. I’ve had nothing but fun with the game.

    Oh, and it’s the PC version. And I haven’t experienced any technical problems at all. Not a single glitch.

  • It’s a great looking game, but it just feels like Id haven’t evolved.

    Perhaps a review is a good thing for them.

    • If “Evolved” means Battlefield or Modern Warfare, then screw that. I loved RAGE. It felt “clean”.

  • DooM and Quake are great, linear action games with a simple story, explosive firefights, something cool to look at along the way and Deathmatch (plus variations thereof) for multiplayer action.

    RAGE was a departure for id, so I don’t think anybody should be surprised that the attempts at non-linearity were a bit half-baked.

    As with Serious Sam, I enjoy a straightforward FPS – with a giant, capital “S” – that has me blastin’ grunts and bosses with sweet weapons in a good-looking environment. FPSRPGs are fun too, but id aren’t exactly experts in that field!

  • I’m going to steal a quote from the brilliant Bill Bailey to describe RAGE:
    I tried to like it. For me, it was like being smacked around the head by a piece of IKEA furniture: it hurts, but you’ve got to admire the workmanship.

  • I liked it and plan on playing it again. Don’t give up on Rage, it’s a great foundation they have built, and it can only get better. I played it on the PC, experienced some of the mentioned issues, but it didn’t put me off.

    It probably isn’t cost effective, but I would probably try and do what EA/DICE are going to do with BF3. Make the PC a priority, then port it to the consoles, and possibly add the hi-texture stuff if required. PC gaming has picked up pace in the last year or so due to the console life span (according to sales etc). I’ve gotten back into it, and it’s not as expensive as it use to be. I only buy games on consoles now it they are exclusive etc.

  • Yeah its one of the best looking console games (once hd installed) currently.
    Runs so well and looks so good its a little bit disconcerting.
    It isnt as deep as fallout but it is a far better shooter.
    The racing is fun the card game could use a bit more interactivity but over all its fun so far.

  • Oh dear god no i hope it ain’t true.

    Come on id its Doom, i tried and true and one of the most recognised gaming franchises out there.

    I can understand the nervousness but Rage was a new IP and bearing the similarities between other popular titles of the same genre but Carmack has said before that Doom 4 runs and looks better then Rage.

    Dont do it id you bastards, its the only game i am actually looking forward too.

    • Also i should have added that there was some issues with the launch of Rage and its getting more difficult to introduce a new successful IP these days, especially shooters because of the popularity of games like Call of Duty and Halo.

      but as i said above Doom is already a well known IP and if they coordinate the launch right and with a large fan base it should be more successful.

  • They need to stop f’ing about and get back to making games the right way. Hopefully Battlefield 3 will remind developers that the ONLY way to make a decent game is to develop for PC and scale down to console. stop trying to polish turds and pass them off as games

  • “which in their eyes has demonstrated “a serious lack of confidence in the project management at id”.”

    If ID hadn’t sold themselves they wouldn’t have to worry about crap like this.

  • Honestly I was never interested in Rage even since it’s conception. I don’t care that I.D created it. Their brand name lost it’s sheen after Final Doom. STALKER and FO3 (incl the expansion pack NV)are brilliant post apocalyptic hybrid rpg’s. Why did we need another one? The only reason why people even bought or downloaded Rage illegally was because it had I.D imprinted on it. People want more DooM, because it is CULT even to this day.

  • I think this can only be good. Another development team in association with id can now hope to revive the game that changed the PC landscape. I don’t want to start some flame war, but I think not focusing on PC to a further degree has led to RAGE’s medicore reception.

  • Just more proof that no matter how much you hype a game, it can still die on it’s arse, I love it when that happens.

  • I love Rage! The way my enemies duck roll shoot from cover, the beautiful graphics, the vibe… I like it!
    To label it as some kind failure is a joke. In my opinion the only things this game was missing was a Fallout style open world with more RPG talking elements and a character creator. But maybe that’s just me talking as a fallout fan.

  • Wasn’t Doom 4 mean to be using the same engine as Rage? Probably worried the engines suckiness might infect Doom 4 as well.

  • So we’re supposed to believe that a ton of people got grumpy because this action-shooter wasn’t ‘Open-world-RPG'(Fallout) enough for them… therefore RAGE is a failure to such a degree that everyone at iD is taking a moment to rethink their lives 😛

    I think maybe the PR and marketing people might have something to think about… they didn’t do nearly enough management of expectations when people would ask them questions that obviously implied that people were confused about what kind of game this was.

    “It’s nothing like Fallout.” is a very simple statement. It would have saved them a lot of grief, I think.

  • No problem for me!
    After Doom. id’s games have become darker and smaller. Quake already showed this problem, so that Unreal has brought new life on screen at the end of 90. But things only got worse with Doom 3, which made ​​it tight, dark and dead. Rage just opened to a huge lifeless desert. I stop here with the ovation with id sofwtare and his group. John Romero already showed the sameness in games, until its fall. id just upgraded to the same gameplay with no brain. They made ​​history in the 90’s. id tech 5 changed the dark to expensive.. the team at id, changed the walk and shoot, to drive and shoot. The result is a ridiculous space for a lot of textures, with the worst possible light and interactivity.
    Why the public still cares about them?
    Other companies have done better products for 3D games (FPS) since the period of Quake 2. 2011 I close my support for this company, already consumed 10 years of my money.

  • Yeah no shit. The game itself was pretty fun, but the crippling technical issues were just astronomical. I had to contact both STEAM and Bethesda tech support… JUST TO GET MY CD-KEY ACTIVATED!!!

    Then, the engine was horribly outdated, looked like shit with the constant rendering whenever you turned to look at something, as well as being buggy and occasionally glitching out.

    A decent game ruined by horrible fine-tuning.

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