Nintendo Defeated. Japan Crowns A New Game Sales King.

This year isn't over. There are still months to go. But according to Famitsu publisher, Nintendo didn't own the first six months of this year. Other years, sure, but not this one.

In a recently released report, Nintendo tumbled to the number two spot for Japanese software sales, dropping from ¥21.5 billion (US$283 million) to ¥14.9 ($196 million). In 2010, Nintendo was numero uno.

This year, Namco Bandai jumped to first place, going from ¥11.8 billion ($155 million) to ¥17.7 billion ($234 million) thanks to strong sales across all platforms, including the 3DS, the DS, the PSP, the Wii, and the PS3. Bandai Namco did not post strong sales on the Xbox 360 in Japan.

Coming in third was Konami, followed by Capcom and Square Enix.

Since Namco Bandai releases its games on a variety of platforms, it's not surprising to see the game maker take the top spot. What is surprising is that Nintendo, which only releases its games on Nintendo hardware, was able to be king of the hill for so long.

Like I said, there are still a few months to go. Namco Bandai and Nintendo are running neck and neck.

2011年度上半期メーカー別ソフト販売金額TOP20 [Famitsu]

Top photo: Richard Drew/AP


    Namco Bandai and Capcom are the only Japanese developers who are making noteworthy games these days. All the companies that were great in the 90s, such as Square Enix, are really going down the gurgler.

    Nintendo are in big trouble too, as they're simply no longer appealing to the majority of console gamers who want systems that can play all the latest games rather than be ristricted to a slow trickle of 1st party titles.

      Square Enix is making fantastic games through their subsidary Eidos. Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution, etc.

        I feel like thats kind of cheating, buying up sibsideries isnt being a good company per say although you are right.

        They're not making anything, they're simply marketing and distributing Eidos titles.

        The vast majority of games actually developed by Square Enix in the last 5 years have been absolute trash.

      Dont forget, Namco also make arcade cabinets for all the wonderful arcade games out there. Hence their sales are up aswell.

    Nintendo hasn't released anything noteworthy for a long time, its not surprising.

    But, they have Mario Kart, Super Mario land 3DS and Zelda all coming out in a few months, so it should pick up.

    What is worrying is the WiiU looks horrible and the additional analogue stick add-on for the 3ds has made everyone halt on purchasing a 3DS because a remake will no doubt include it standard.

    They should never have released the additional analogue stick add-on, or if 2 sticks were vital it should have been included to begin with.

    I hope they can get out of this mess, more competition = consumers win, less competition = companies win.

    Bullshit, Pacman doesn't say relax, he says 'Waka Waka Waka'.
    Kids these days...

      Could be a referencing Manny Pacquiao

    All I know is Nintendo has outlasted pretty much every company Ive ever known - formed in 1901 wasnt it?

      1889 actually, which is fucking nuts. They did spend their first 50 years producing playing cards, mind.

        i did not know this!! i checked wikipedia, it says Nintendo owned a 'love hotel' at some point as well.

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