There Is A Devil May Cry HD Collection In The Works, And This Is What It Looks Like

Having long been the subject of rumours, speculation and ESRB ratings, the Devil May Cry HD Collection is now a real snow-haired, demon-slaying boy, and we've got the comparison shots to prove it.

The collection brings together remastered versions of the first three titles in the Devil May Cry series, from Dante's big debut to the special edition of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. Each of the three games will look prettier than they would if you just popped a PlayStation 2 disc into your PlayStation 3, especially if you take into account that most of today's PS3s wouldn't even run it (*hugs his 60GB*). Expect a little bonus content, as well as support for trophies and achievements.

It's three, three, three Dante's in one when Devil May Cry HD Collection hits the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 early next year.


    This news just totally made my day.

    Much love for ICO/SOTC but this is the HD collection I've wanted the most. Love these games.... well never played DMC2 but hey... it could be interesting.

      DMC2 is pretty horrible... but that didn't stop me from finishing it 3 times.

      I wonder if the unlockable Diesel-branded outfits will still be included. Interesting.


    These HD collections are getting better.

    Get it for Devil May Cry 1, and then don't bother with the sequels. The proper series goes:

    Devil May Cry 1 then Bayonetta

      Wrong. The Proper series goes 3-1-Anime-4.

      Note that 2 was left out; I'm sorry, but I don't consider it canon.

      Bayonetta was shit, and was essentially the same story as DMC4 but with different characters.

      DMC3 is my favourite and a classic IMO. Much love for the original naturally. I had fun with DMC4 but its definately the weakest. Anime... yeah...

    Why do I keep buying games I already own!?!?!?!

    Because they release them!!!!

    So these are just the PC versions then?

      Would that be the PC versions of 1 & 2 that don't exist or the horrible ubisoft port of 3 that manages to be worse than the PS2 version I wonder?

    Well, this made my morning.

    Wow they actually updated the textures, I'm impressed Crapcom, and that's sad in itself.

    Sweet! I often forget just how awesome those games were.

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