This Guy Is Way Too Into This Arcade Game

And it is a beautiful thing to watch.

The game in question is Ghost Squad, a 2004 light gun shooter from Sega. The action's taking place in a Thai arcade. And note that, in addition to the theatrics, he's also awesome at the game, playing through the whole thing with a single credit.

If the name sounds familiar, that's because there was a recent-ish Wii port of the game. And yes, it's the one with the dolphins.


    When the virtual invasion comes, I'll be right behind this guy!

    I think it's a safe bet to say this guy is a big John Woo fan.

    dude, if you watching the screen, he is not just doing stuff, he is MIRRORING THE CUT SCENES! Its like he has mesmerized the whole game.

      Mezmerizing indeed. But maybe he memorised it?

    co-op you and me buddy

      What's left for You to do? O.o

    I wonder what he would do if you walked up and grabbed the second gun for some coop!

    Seriously though, that scares me.

    He's even got trigger discipline going. *brofist*

    i bow back to u good sir

    Not sure if gaming or epilepsy.

    I picked up Ghost Squad for Wii and returned it. There's a very good reason why he could play through the whole thing with 1 credit: It was stupid short and way too easy.

    Glad this guy managed to enjoy it though.

    Time Crisis 4 next to it <3 I've finished that with two credits. but that game is ridiculously easy anyway.

    and then i loled

    So hes playing it like its all real but then he dresses his character in a panda suit???


    I guess who am I to question such ultra awesomness

    Im what people in highschool back then classify as a nerd, even im lost for words for this one

    lol bro if u guys could understand thai, the camera man his comment was so loled !!

    Youtube describe the guy as a professional video gamer who works for Galaxy group. His job is to do demonstrations and give advice to new players.

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