Cel-Shaded Kobe And Jordan Go One-On-One In These Screens

We've already talked about how 2K Sports' hit basketball title NBA 2K12 will be unloading a major update when its Legends Showcase DLC debuts next week. Today, the publisher's divulged more details about what'll be in the $US10 add-on.

Total dominance in the 2v2 Teammate Challenge, unlocks all of the players in the NBA's Greatest mode for use in the NBA: Creating a Legend mode. So, if you've wanted to bring someone like Boston Celtics great Bill Russell into competition against today's NBA athletes in NBA 2K12, that's how you'll do that. Similarly, when you beat the 3v3 Era Challenge, you can use current players in the Legends Showcase modes.

Speaking of those legends, a few more show up in these screens, like Pistol Pete Maravich, George Mikan and Rick Barry. You'll also see just how crazy the HORSE match-ups get, too, with George "The Iceman" Gervin taking aim from the support beam behind the basket.

As a total blackout of the 2011/2012 NBA looms, it's looking more and more like the only way to see Kobe, Dwight Howard and other modern-day greats play hoops will be on your gaming console of choice.

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #14 - Legends Showcase DLC [Facebook]

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    That cell shading is done poorly. It doesn't anywhere near as good as say, A Scanner Darkly, or Windwaker.

      A Scanner Darkly was done with Rotoscoping, it wasn't cell shaded.

    Holy crap that looks awful.

    I think I'll just stick to the main game thanks - wow, just can't believe how bad this looks.

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