Example Of Sexual Harassment? Grand Theft Auto

Sexual harassment is awful. Many people -- often politicians, it seems -- say things or create situations that make others uncomfortable. So Bolt insurance agency created a chart explaining "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace".

Specific examples include: "Constant and repeated requests for a date or unwanted flirting", "Unwanted jokes, gestures, comments and repartee", and "Displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures or posters in the workplace" as well as "Playing sexual suggestive movies, music, games or video clips in the workplace".

In that last example, Grand Theft Auto IV's iconic art is pictured on a laptop. Look for Bolt's follow-up chart, "Using Intellectual Property Without Permission".

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Infographic [Bolt via BusinessInsider Thanks, Anthony!]


    You think that's unwanted in the workplace, just wait till they notice her fingers!

      There's nothing wrong with her fingers. All 5 (thumb excluded) look fine.

    Man i wish that first guy was my boss. He just seems so trustworthy and reputable.

      Just bring him a cheap hooker - get payrise!

      looks like Michael Scott


    Only thing that's being harassed in that pic is the laptop's GPU. WHAT WORKPLACE COMPUTER CAN PLAY GTAIV?

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