Good Samaritan Who Attempts To Stop DS Theft Murdered

On Monday in southern California, a fight broke out with one teen wounded and one baseball bat-wielding Good Samaritan ending up dead. All of this over a Nintendo DS.

According to KTLA News, a teenage boy arranged to meet four teens met at a local shopping centre to sell a Nintendo DS. The four teens planned to rob the seller. A fight broke out, and one of the four teenagers drew a gun.

A man who apparently saw what was happening tried to break up the fight. As he approached with a baseball bat, the man, whom the police believe was a Good Samaritan, was shot in the torso.

The teen who was selling the DS tried to escape, but was shot in the leg. He was treated at a nearby hospital and released. The Good Samaritan, however, died while in medical care.

LA County Sheriff's deputies caught up with three of the suspects and arrested two of them. A remaining suspect is still at large.

The KTLA report explicitly mentions a Nintendo DS, but it could have been a 3DS. If it is in fact a Nintendo DS, Nintendo's older handheld, this tragic crime seems even more senseless.

2 Arrested in Deadly Shooting in Canyon Country [KTLA]


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