This Skyrim Pianist Not Only Plays, She Cosplays!

You might remember Lara from this previous Kotaku post, featuring a beautiful rendition of the Skyrim theme. That, dear reader, is only the tip of the music iceberg. And that iceberg is wearing numerous outfits.

The Australian specialises in not only playing game themes (and playing them really well), she also dresses as game characters while playing said game themes really well on both the piano and the violin.

In the above gallery, watch (and listen) as Lara plays through a buffet of game tunes, cosplaying as Lara Croft, Zero Suit Samus, the Mario Bros. and more.

More being Xena Warrior Princess, Sailor Moon and, holy cow, Power Rangers. Check out Lara's YouTube channel below.

Lara6683 [YouTube]


    Sounds to me like its a slow news day


        Its ok Mark i forgive you this time but next time so help me you will be getting a *shake fist* in your general direction.

    An attractive girl, dressing up as videogame characters, covering videogame songs, posting those videos to the internet.

    If she provides kittens in her videos as well then she will get ALL THE PAGEVIEWS IN THE WORLD.

      PuppyLicks said:

      An attractive girl

      Richard Smack Version 2 said:



        Richard Smack Version 2 said:



        PuppyLicks said:

        HOLD IT!

        You are one of the greatest trolls we have, you know that, yes?

        Not only is she beautiful but she's also quite talented.

          Talented yes beautiful debatable and yeah i do trolololol :D

            And we love you for it.

            I don't know man - considering how a lot of girls out there look today she is quite the looker.

            That being said, the Xena thing makes me question her sexual orientation ;) lol

              I have no problems with lesbians as long as they have a camera on them 24/7 :D

    Already subbed on YouTube.

    holy hell! she's an aussie! awesome!

    Is Bashcraft even trying? She's been doing this for about as long as that channel's been up. Even the most cursory glance at her uploads show she cosplays all the time. Yet this deserved an article.

    Cosplay? Cosplay?! Cosplay cosplay! Cosplay, cosplay cosplay. Cosplay... Cosplay.

    Oh Brian, you sure know what Kotaku readers want!

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