Battleduty Modernfield 3 Is A Real Thing, Costs $0.99

Battleduty Modernfield 3. It's a game, sort of, that you can play. Barely. It's also pretty damn great.

Taking the whole "trolling of copyright" thing on the iPhone to a hilarious new extreme, this parody title takes static screenshots of both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, overlays a crummy gun and adds some "pew pew" effects. There's even some added art slipped into the extremities of the screen.

It's priced at $US0.99. Totally not worth it as a game, but if you've paid that price or more for other joke apps, this is probably better.

Battle Duty: Modern Field 3 [iTunes, via Destructoid]

Battle Duty: Modern Field 3 [Android Marketplace]


    This is such a COD rip.

      I feel bad but I did giggle a little at that.

    well at least it has better graphics then mw3

    This game has an Option.... Graphics: On/Off... rofl

    Going to be funny seeing ea and act working together take this down.

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