Dual-Wielding Star Wars Nut Arrested For Lightsaber Assault

A man from Hillsboro, Oregon has been arrested and charged with assault after allegedly attacking customers at a Toys 'R Us store with...two plastic lightsabers.

The man, armed with two "blue" sabers (so he thought he was a good guy!), started swinging the toy weapons at customers in the Hayden Island store last Wednesday.

When the police were called, the 33 year-old accused moved out to the car park. When cops confronted him there, he began attacking them with the lightsabers, and when one officer shot a taser at him he "knocked one of the wires away".

Truly an elegant weapon for a more civilised age.

Police eventually got the better of the rogue Jedi, who now faces "allegations of disorderly conduct, theft, assault, resisting arrest and interfering with a police officer".

Hillsboro man held after alleged 'Star Wars' light saber assault at Portland Toys R Us [Oregon Live]


    Seriously... what does this have to with games?

    Kotaku US: one step forward, five to ten steps back.

      I do believe there are games called "Star Wars".

        None of those games are mentioned in this article. This has no place being on this site.

          I come here to be entertained on an otherwise mundane day of work. This article has done its job. Maybe start your own website and dictate what is put on it?

          I'm looking foward to a christmas morning tea at work. Hopefully I can get some pie.

      Sigh... I remember the days where I could read intelligent comments on Kotaku.

      Honestly, when you complain like this I almost assume you're being forced to read these articles at gun point.

      If the article preview doesn't interest you: don't hit the jump!

        For the record: I have no problem with Kotaku AU content because it is videogame related. As for the US stuff, allow me to quote someone has said it better.

        From semprafi:

        Again, a shining example of article desperation in a period of slow news.

        Take out or replace the coincidental nerd/geek reference — in this case, the Lightsaber — and would this have any business whatsoever being posted on a gaming blog?

        No, it wouldn’t. And really, even as it is, it still doesn’t belong. Was the person in question assaulting Toys R Us shoppers to steal their new videogame purchases? Was he mad that the people he attacked bought a title he didn’t like? Who knows; that’s not stated. But let’s infer that for the sake of justifying covering this!

        Star Wars doesn’t automatically equal ‘gamer culture’. There are plenty of Star Wars-related/involved happenings in the world that never see the front page of Kotaku. And this is one of them.

        Also, this was posted on Oregon Live’s site last Thursday, December 15th. Not only is it not news, it’s super old not-news.

          Cool story bro.
          I for one found this a nice read before work.

          Wow, Tristan... You must get invited to a lot of parties.

          I'm totally not ridiculing complaints post by talking about pies.

          I like pie.

    Thank this guy for the grace period being reinstated!

    oh yeppy...mooooore fuel to the video game violence controversy, gheez

    I have to say interfering with a Cop seems like the most suss charge ever.

    Surely it's the same as resisting arrest anyway.

    Oh you resisted arrest which interfered with me doing my job of arresting you.

    Much like in the state's you can get a fine for "Urination and/Or Masturbation" now sure Or makes sense, But who the hell does both.

    And what kind of cop sit's there going well he's taking a piss, let's sit here and see if he takes it to the next level

    Hhahahahaha that's so bad ass, I thought the story was over when the cops came.

    'Dual-wielding'. lol

    Sounds like he's got some mental problems so hopefully they're not too harsh on the bloke. Still, deflecting tasers? Mans a straight up badarse. :P

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