You Try Playing A Video Game In Crazy High Heels

This is Rola. Born of mixed Japanese, Russian and Bengali heritage, Rola is one of Japan's most popular fashion models. It isn't only on the runway that Rola straps on dangerously high heels.

It's also when she plays Need for Speed: The Run.

Sister site Kotaku Japan covered a recent EA Japan event at Lamborghini's Tokyo showroom in which Rola was on hand to play the game.

Starting today, Need for Speed: The Run goes on sale in The Land of the Rising Sun. Speaking of running, imagine running in heels like that!

セクシーな車とキュートな美女と [Kotaku Japan]

Top photo: 金本太郎/Kotaku Japan


    I'm more concerned about how hideous this supposed 'model' looks.

      +1. The Lambo is hotter.

      probably better looking than anything you will ever get lol...

      And I'm sure you are a paragon of physical beauty, you just can't leave the house for fear of your hotness burning innocent passersby to death.

      I wouldn't say no to her.

    Yellow Lambo, so hot

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