At Least The Games Scene Is Cooler Than Hollywood

Indie developer Phil Fish, maker of Fez, opined today that after spending a lot of time with Hollywood types (no doubt in promotion of the critically lauded Indie Game: The Movie, in which he and his game play a central role), he's realised how cool the game scene is by comparison.

Considering that the film is being turned into an HBO series, Fish might have to get used to kicking it Entourage-style.

Well... that or consult some on the show and go back to making really cool games.


    I agree, Film Industry types, bottom to (presumably) top are some of the biggest f***heads on the planet. No joke. I've met them and it works like this:

    a) The worse their storytelling is, the bigger dickheads they are.

    b) The better their production value is, the bigger the dickheads they are.

    a+b = proper scum crawling maggotry

    b-a (good story, good production value) = usually more humbled and the best kind of film maker (Peter Jackson would be a famous example)

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