Beautiful Portraits Of Video Game Characters

Canadian artist sakimichan specialises in portraits of characters. Beautiful, vibrant portraits of characters that are so pretty you'll want to hang them on your wall and just stare at them, sighing every once in a while.

The bad news is, these are small, and on a computer screen, not a canvas. The good news is you should be able to use them as phone wallpaper or, if you ask very nicely (ie with money), try and convince her to take commissions.

sakimichan [DeviantArt]


    Something about that Sora portrait creeps me the hell out. Other than that, they all look amazing

      I say its the Bieber-ish air to it.

      I would say it is the fact that he is looking deep into his eyes and you his and saying "call me" with his hands... and you want to >.>

    YAY! @ unclickable images!!!
    Who needs to see the full sized uncropped image. . .

      Click the link at the bottom of the article to go to the artists Deviantart page.


    Oh man. I wish I could draw this well. I hate people like this who have oodles of talents D=

    All the males have the same exact face/head. Weird.

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