Getting To Hear New Music Should Be Easier In Lumines: Electronic Symphony

We think Lumines is one of the best games for the PSP. But damn was it ever hard to experience everything the game had to offer. In the first game, players had to grind through the entire game to hear all the music or see all the trippy synchronised visuals. Lumines II improved on that with tiered difficulty settings and the ability to make custom playlists but you still had to reach a level to unlock its skin.

This interview at the PlayStation Blog makes it sound like that's changing. Q Entertainment producer says runs down some basics on the puzzle franchise's upcoming Vita release Lumines: Electronic Symphony, saying that a new scoring and XP system will let players unlock skins or avatars, regardless of progress. Mielke also mentions that you'll be able to play Electronic Symphony with the Vita's touchscreen, too. Me, I just want to dive into the game's soundtrack.

Building on a Classic with Lumines Electronic Symphony [PlayStation Blog]


    And there's my reason to get a Vita. Damn, and I was doing so well telling myself I didn't want one.

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