Idiot TV Program In Serious Trouble For Using Game Footage As "News"

Late last year, a British documentary used footage from a video game and amazingly labelled it as a secret IRA recording. It has now, a few months later, been given a severe dressing-down.

British communications regulator Ofcom, which began an investigation into the incident last October, has this week issued its report on the matter, and called the error a "significant breach of audience trust", which highlighted "clear deficiencies" in fact-checking. Ofcom also said it was "very surprised" the ITV crew could believe the gameplay clip was actually footage of a Libyan tank.

"We considered that there were clear deficiencies in the steps taken by both production and compliance staff for sourcing and verifying the archival content of the helicopter attack in this programme," Ofcom's report says.

"As such this represented a significant breach of audience trust, particularly in the context of a public service broadcaster. Ofcom considered the programme to be materially misleading."

ITV breached audience trust over 'IRA' video game footage, says Ofcom [The Guardian]


    anybody know what game it is from ?

      Yeah, definitely ARMA 2.

    Seriously how the hell can you confuse that with real world footage? The fact that the truck with the AA on it actually lifted up about a foot off the ground for no real reason just after the gunfire starts did not give it away?

    Oh my.

    'It may of been a lucky hit, but at least no one died in this attack........'

    Oh the virtual humanity!

    Geez. They only just figured out that the media tells porky pies??!!?!?!

    Stoopid people investigating stoopid people. :rollseyes:

    I think we should have a revolution and kill all the media, all bureaucrats, board members and politicians.
    Rid ourselves of an entire useless third of our population.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    The media loves to blame all violent crime on video games ... but where would they get war time footage from without them?

    Best advertisement for a game ever huh? We are so realistic we made the news!

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