'Stuff Gamers Say'

Kotaku columnist Leigh Alexander has put together a funny collection of "Stuff Gamers Say" over at the mumbling/entertaining/frustrating online magazine Thought Catalog. Top points for "Time to Crate" reference.

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    Do they say "Whatever, you're hopeless, piss off" ? She has the biggest chip on her shoulder.

      Never forget, she's the genius behind this article:

        Yeah that's the one I was trying to quote. Not a fan. Perhaps I should look at the 'controller porn' articles instead.

          What the shit did I just waste my life on?

    Don't waste your time with this article.

      I thought it was alright. It was all kind of specific though. I would have liked to see a generic collection that you would see just about anywhere online, rather than something said by 'a 27 year old medical student from Wisconsin'.

      For example,
      "No. Just no."
      "This. A thousand times this."
      "Great, another shitty console port."
      "CoD sux."

      Although the first quote or two in the article fit this bill.

        I expected funny because Kirk Hamilton described it as such. It was not funny. I even found it slightly distasteful. The writer semed to be writing from a place where they thought they were above the things they were describing.

          I had to see just how bad it was.

          Leigh Alexander needs a cookie or something. Can't say that she seems very happy with the demographic she writes for.

          I didn't read it that way. I thought it was a tongue in cheek juxtaposition of their ordinary lives against the incongruous immaturity of their gaming comments. Hmm, now that I write that down I'm kind of offended.

            That only tends to work when the jokes are funny :p

    Well then we should start our own section of things you've said or heard online.
    i.e. this was a conversation I had:
    Player: I died, I'll just spawn on you.
    TvZ: Please don't ever "spawn" on me?
    Player: Why? You in a dangerous position?
    TvZ : You just made it worst.
    Conversation 2:
    Player: Right, when I die, just pick up my package.
    TvZ: I know we are playing a war like game, but please, don't ever ask me to pick up your package...that is just...gross.
    Player: haha, what ever man, I meant my gun.
    TvZ: That was what I was afraid of...

      That was a million times funnier than the article. :D

    "A funny collection" is a bit generous. What was the point of that? I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.

    Pfft, I could write a better article than this buy playing an hour of League of Legends.

    Did a gamer shit in the writers cereal or something?

    McGarnical points out that it's sort of a Juxata' against their regular jobs, but it takes a fairly low swipe at the people she writes for. Because taking swipes at your readers is the best way to keep people reading, amiright?

    Bitch about gender equality. write like you're an elitist prick.

      On a second read through, I can... maybe... see where she was going with it. Sort of.

      If you look at it like a "People from all creeds enjoy the same hobby" then it sort of makes sense, but it is hard to not read it in anything but a patronising tone.

        I don't know, have you SEEN neogaf? Hive of scum, villainy, and dickwits.

    Reads like a first year short story writing exercise. 'Good job'.

    I just skimmed both articles, after hearing all the complaints here.
    The gender equality one was the most hypocritical piece of trash I've ever read and I've seen Fox news.

    As per the things gamers say article, I don't really get it, I didn't really find much of it humorous and I just feel like it's written pretentiously, from some ideology that the author is better than the people quoted, which is funny, since some parts of the aforementioned article would fit nicely on that page.

    It's funny AND true. I become a different person when I'm hanging out in the video game world. My grammar stays in tact but that's the only recognizable aspect of my personality.

    But I'm not afraid to admit it like most people here.

    Why do people take themselves SO seriously? Why can't people see the funny or ironic side of their own hypocrisy? Are you all so self righteous? Or do you actually maintain consistency of character between real life and Xbox live?

    Like some people I found it a somewhat bitter, like the author was looking down upon these (real or not) examples of 'gamers' (I still hate that term), which just so happen to conveniently reinforce the negative stereotype associated with those kind of people (ie fat starcraft guy, naive college dropout who's going to change the world, etc). Although some of the examples of people were a bit obscure and did little give their comment any kind of context or meaning, which in turn renders the mention of whoever said it redundant.

    Reminded me a lot of the comments I see on just about every IGN article.

    I want to add my own

    "I just came a little" writes me, a 32 year old father of 2 in response to one of my best mates on the other side of the country whom I've never met in person who has just taken a picture of his TV screen capturing the monumental event of reaching skill level 100 in the alteration school of magic in Skyrim.

    It IS pretty funny the things we say and write. Things we'd never say or write to people outside of our nerd culture. We'd like to think we're normal but we're not. We geeks are a very peculiar people.

    I don't think there was any bitter tone to the article. It was just repeating the kinds of things we nerds say all the time. All the article did was hold a mirror up to us and the fact that people have taken that as a jab just goes to show that perhaps a lot of us aren't comfortable with our own reflection.

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