When NBA2K12 Hates Your Name

Rich Funk is a glorious name. Rich Funk is not only a Kotaku (hi Rich Funk!), Rich Funk is also a NBA 2K12 owner.

According to Rich Funk, "My legal name is Richard Funk. As I usually do with sports games, the day I got NBA 2K12, I created myself as a player in the game. Again, I used my legal name."

Above is how NBA 2K12 apparently reacted to "Rich Funk". It did not like Rich Funk.

"I've emailed 2K Sports about this, but haven't heard anything back. Have you heard of anyone else getting punished like this? It's not my fault I'm German!"

It's also not Rich Funk's fault he has a super cool name.


    Isn't it Funke (as in Tobias???)


      I'm also think that seeing as his name is 'Richard' he should be able to use 'Dick Funk'.

    Funk that sheet!

    He is a Kotaku?

    I wish I was a Kotaku.

      Or maybe you could be a Ko-Taco...

      Kotaku is a pretty cool guy,
      eh's got the Funk
      an doesn't afraid of anything

    Too funky for himself!

    I believe that's actually Xbox's fault due to a TRC requiring the use of appropriate names and terms.

    I know that the word "Bailey" is also on Xbox's list of inappropriate terms.

      I also know one of the dev's has a child named "Bailey". It's a tough life...

    Why does a game give a shit about what you are calling your players in it? I'm guessing this is an online create a player thing? In which case PSN and XBL are to blame.

    Stupidest shit ever.

    Funk this generation.

    That's a bit Rich.

    "Rich, you can talk trash, you can handle the ball. But look in your heart and ask yourself: are you funky enough to be a Globetrotter? Are you? Are you? Deal with it."

    I had the same problem when I tried to sign in using my real name, Gilligan Arsemonkey the third.

    It's an insult to Arsemonkeys everywhere. >:(

      And let's face it they're already being insulted enough

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