‘Will You Marry Me?’ How RedLynx Put Together An Unforgettable Proposal In 1000 Heroz

‘Will You Marry Me?’ How RedLynx Put Together An Unforgettable Proposal In 1000 Heroz

Marriage proposals using user-generated content — Minecraft proposals, LittleBigPlanet proposals — are hardly new. We’ve seen a bunch, but when the developer of a video game actually helps create something, that it’s entire audience will engage, to help one man propose to his girlfriend — that’s taking it to a whole new level. But that’s precisely what Red Lynx did, using their latest iOS game 1000 Heroz.

1000 Heroz is a Canabalt style platformer with a unique offering — it provides players with a brand new level each day, and brand new leaderboards. The idea is that players have 24 hours in which to create and break one another’s records, before starting all over again the next day.

This provides Red Lynx with a certain amount of flexibility — they are constantly creating new levels for the game on the fly.

The build up to the proposal began with a post by Mace999 on the official RedLynx forums.


Post subject: Wedding proposal 🙂

I’ve been trying to think of a unique way to pop the question to my girlfriend, and seeing as we are both crazy fans of this game I thought this would be best.

Is there any way a developer could add a small banner in the background to one of the daily races ?!?!

We both love 1000 Heroz and she usually beats my time every day, she always plays the new day challenge before she goes to bed, we get a our new race at 1am cos we are in Thailand.

Her name is “Arapus” on 1000 Heroz, my name is “Mace1661”

If there is anyway you could help me, and put the message in the game it would make us so happy, I know it’s real cheesy but she loves the game so much …..

Can you write “Ying, will you marry me, love Peter xx”

I will keep you posted if she says yes, and send photos of the wedding, hopefully this could be the first 1000 Heroz wedding.


The next day one of the RedLynx developers posted a reply…


Post subject: Re: Wedding proposal 🙂
Hi, we read these, and we will try to help you make this happen!

We cannot add text to the level itself or modify the hero’s description on the fly, but there are the following alternatives:
1) “Urgent News”, which is a full-screen banner that definitely cannot be missed – however, for it to appear, you need to finish one run, and then return to the main menu, so it could be that your girlfriend would not get to see it.
2) “News”, which can be accessed from the Main menu, but that would be even more uncertain and easily missed
3) “Sliding info banner”, which appears inside the daily run when the Pause menu is entered (for example to view the leaderboards or access the replays). Currently the banner occasionally shows mostly game-related hints and tips (and sometimes it does not appear all, and sometimes it shows a Drawrace 2 banner), but we could change it for one day to show only your proposal every single time the pause menu is entered (and make it graphically really stand out, so it would be almost full-screen and have some romantic decoration).

If you know your girlfriend’s playing patterns, what do you think would be the best? I think I would go for the sliding banner!

When do you prefer this should be done?

Mace999 came back with this reply.


Post subject: Re: Wedding proposal 🙂
Thanks for agreeing to do this, could I go for option 3 ….. as she defenitely pauses the game now and again, she averages about 100 restarts a day so she will definitely pause it at some stage …….

Thanks a million for doing this, I will let everyone know what the answer is …..

Could it say “Ying, will you marry me … Love Peter” Thanks a lot again Can’t believe you’re gonna do this, thanks a lot Red Lynx

I am very happy but can’t write more as she has just ;left the room for 5 minutes to go to the toiket ….. TMI I know!

Mace999 had another request — could Red Lynx make the level a little easier, minus any frustrating cannon placements. He wanted his girlfriend to be in a good mood for the proposal!


Post subject: Re: Wedding proposal 🙂
Ok, we are ready to go ahead already this Thursday (day 220 in 1000 Heroz), is this ok for you?

Mace, I will send you a private message about some details, let me know if you got it…

P.S. We have control over the levels, so we will make sure there are no cannons that day, so that she will be on a good mood 🙂

And then later — a final good luck message…


Post subject: Re: Wedding proposal 🙂
Ok, we are on!

The banner will be updated upon restart of the game, or when the day changes.

Good luck, Mace!

Red Lynx created a brilliant personalised banner that all players would see if they paused the game on that specific day.

Mace999 came back a day later with this message…


Post subject: Re: Wedding proposal 🙂

Thanks RedLynx, she loved it and is in tears here, luckily she stayed late at my condo so we could play the game together, and it took about 5 seconds for her to click at first, then she thought it was just for her but I told her no, everyone in the world can see this message ……..
Anyway thanks for the support on here, everyone has been so kind, and I can’t believe the lengths RedLynx went to to make us happy, she’s still crying in disbelief …… and yes she said YES

Here is a pic of her looking tearful and happy at the same time

Later Ying herself also jumped onto the forums to say thanks!


Post subject: Re: Wedding proposal 🙂
Hello I’m Ying.

I just read the forum.
Thank you a million times to do this for us, 3am here but can’t sleep, I wanna see it again and again ^^
I posted on facebook tell all my friends about RedLynx, so happy.
Thank you everyone, Thank you so much.

ying 🙂

All up a pretty incredible story. I think I have something in both my eyes. Kudos to RedLynx for being so active with its community and helping put all this together!

Thanks FatShady!


  • At least now I know why you have spent so long on the KPP.

    Today is the last day isn’t it? I’ll be sure to keep looking

  • That’s fantastic!

    Though I played it this morning and somehow missed the message… would have been awkward if the same thing happened with her…

  • Well thats just nice 🙂
    Imagine if there was ANOTHER Ying and Peter that played 1000 Heroz somewhere in the world, that would be awkward 😛

  • Wow thanks to Fat Shady for doing this write up for Kotaku …… seriously this proposal keeps getting better and better …. Ying has this link proudly on her Facebook page already, so thanks for making her feel even more special 🙂

  • About 20 years ago i was playing a game on the old atari (cant remember what it was called but it was that game everyone would have played where there is 2 green stips on the side and a blue strip in the middle and you are a plane shooting battleships and turrets). Any way i was halfway through the game and the whole system glitched and froze on a blue screen with the words “(can’t remember her name), i love you, will you marry me, love syd xxx”
    It was the most random and crazy thing my 10 year old eyes had ever seen, but i was pissed cause i had to reset the system and i was on a high score! I think this is why i still remember as much of it as i do.

  • Congratulations Ying and Peter!!! I didn’t realize that banner had a real world story behind it. I’m so glad I came across this story. I tip my hat to you Peter….that was a fantastic idea and I wish you both a lifetime of happy years together. Also…thank you Redlynx for doing such a great thing for one of your many dedicated HeroZ out there.

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