Would You Pay $275 For This Little Isaac Clarke?

Sideshow is bringing out a limited edition statue of Dead Space hero Isaac Clarke, dressed in his workman's duds from the first game, not his space policeman outfit from the sequel.

There will be two versions available, one with interchangeable hands, the other without. Oh, and his rig lights up. Both will cost the same, and will be out sometime later this year.


    I love how they mention dimensions, the battery requirements for lighting it up, whether it's the whole rig that lights up or just the mask and the number being produced. Thank God for KotakuUS and their thorough reporting standards.

    Methinks I'm gonna start a blog. It'll be called "Stuff is happening" I'll include pictures of stuff followed the sentence "it's happening" and that's it. Hopefully Gawker will hire me and I'll make a lot of money.

      Have you seen this article?

        Yes I have, it was one of the many inspirations for my idea of "Stuff is happening".

      The preorder on this one actually doesn't have much info: http://www.sideshowtoy.com/?p=37133
      Not til 2PM - 3PM (Pacific Time) anyways

        And it would hurt Luke who was paid to write this to add that bit of info?

        Which would be fine if he had even provided a source.

        Granted the pictures have the Sideshow logo on it meaning one could find it themselves.

        But really how hard is it to attach a source to these articles.

        Especially those which only have a line of text

        You just made my morning, Chazz ;)

    That statue is awesome. Between Gordon Freeman and Isaac Clarke, these guys make science badass. I always preferred Isaac's 'normal' suit from the original Dead Space over his DS2 gear. Simpler, yet tougher. This statue looks good - except for the grainy pics K US has selected for our viewing displeasure.

    I'm sure that's a fine piece of plastic.

    I feel very compelled to add this to my figurine collection, but I already have 3 Issac figures (2 from Dead Space one, and one from the sequel). I have the original NECA Issac with Plasma Cutter sealed in its box, while I have Ripper Issac (DS1) and Patrol Suit Issac with ghey Plasma Cutter (DS2) open for the entire world to see.

    The price is very off putting, however. I think i'll purchase the limited edition Knuckles from First 4 Figures before I buy this. Great figure though.

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