You Better Believe Internet Cats Can Fus Ro Dah

I shouldn't enjoy this. It's an internet cat video, playing out a tired video gag from a game I'm pretty sure I've over-consumed in the past two months.

And it is. After I laughed. In spite of all that. I think it's more the victim's reaction after than the shout itself, because unlike the denizens of Skyrim who seem to just shake it off, he's got a more realistic WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED NOW look to him.


    It got a chuckle, which is honestly a chuckle more than I was expecting. I really am bored.

    I actually laughed at this too, which surprised me. GJ Luke!

    as some1 who has not played skyrim (stupid rule i gave myself when it comes to my kids and semi violent/extreme violent video games) i found this hilarious

    I laughed, then after I cleaned up... I was digusted!!

    i used to watch videos like these, until i took an arrow to the knee

    • under section 12, line 15 of internet law

      "Those who use the Skyrim "Until I took an arrow to the knew" reference, in any context unless actually taking an arrow to the knee, is declared a internet troll.

      It was voted to control the epidemic of the above references plaguing all forms of internet public communication channels. This is a warning, you must follow the Internet laws or face being charged with Trolling.

        @Internet Police : Anti Skyrim Arrow References TaskForce Officer

        really.........seriously...........i know the video was great and all, but really..........way to kill the fun.......

        also, since when did we have "internet laws" -


        thanks, i know it was terrible, i will not be doing it again.

        God bless you, officer, keeping our tubes safe.

      I'm more sick of "arrow to the knee" than what was done in the video.

      wow that was an actual arrow to the knee joke.
      most A2K jokes nowadays are aimed at poking fun at how overused the joke is.

      But you stuck to your guns...umm, well done, i guess?

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