These Are Your New, Supersized Skylanders Giants Figures

Activision mashed up collectible toys and video games last year to create an surprise hit last year in its Skylanders franchise. Last year's Toy Fair was when they announced Skylanders and this year's Toy Fair sees the reveal of a new franchise expansion after a flurry of rumours.

Skylanders Giants introduces a total of 16 new collectible figures to the franchise, with half of those coming in as Giants at twice the size of regular Skylanders toys. The second wave of Skylanders will also light up when near the Portals of Power and will come tied to a new game as well. The first set of Skylanders toys will also work with Skylanders Giants but only the Giants figures will appear larger in the upcoming game. We'll have more details on Activision's plans for the Skylanders franchise later today.


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