A Man's Flesh, Covered In Badass World Of Warcraft Imagery

Reader Clay McCay sends us this image of a tattoo he recently had finished. And yes, that is a giant Worgen covering his entire back.

Before you scream BUT WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN NOBODY REMEMBERS WOW, consider this: even in 20 years, if nobody remembers what a Worgen looks like, Clay still has a giant tattoo of a werewolf holding a knife with a flaming demon skull in front of it. That's pretty timeless tattoo subject matter right there.

You've got Clay to thank for the self-censorship down the, ahem, bottom, by the way. Very considerate of him.


    I think it's pretty good though with how much space they obviously had and the marital I think it would've been nicer to have a little more detail either in the environment or the wolf.

    What a dumbass...

    To each their own, looks pretty cool to me, nothing wrong with it if he's really passionate for WoW, or Worgen haha.

    Thank you for the strategic placement of the black bar to the bottom. Pardon the pun.

    In regards to both the physical pain, and the anticipation of future regret.
    Am I the only one who just doesn't 'get' tattoos?

    The WoW Worgen design is bad ass, the only way it can get more bad ass if if you don't know it's from WoW!

      got that pic on my pc, the source material

    I don't mind when people get tattoos their body their choice my only issue is when they choose to tattoo their hands or face and ruin themselves socially I'm surprised you can't apply for disability welfare since your obviously to stupid to co-exist in society.


      Maybe they should provide welfare to people who can't spel gud first.

    @stephen: you're an idiot. plenty of people have their hands/face/neck/whatever tattooed and make plenty of money. i know tattoo artists that have most of their face done and make upwards of 150 thousand dollars a year doing a job they love. i mean it might ruin them "socially" if you consider going to church social

    and @stu, first of all the pain is really not that bad
    and second not everyone regrets their tattoos. i mean yeah perhaps if you're going to get a tribal butterfly on your ass

      Yep, to both your points - I have a friend who's obsessed with tattoos and she loves the process as well as the end result. She says the pain is a part of why tattoos are meaningful to her - which, knowing her as I do, makes sense.
      Just not to me.

    lol @ the butt crack censor.

    I'm all for a little triforce on the wrist or a portal behind each ear, but this? this is just ugly.

    That skull is NOT flaming.

    Hope he's not a heavy drinker, Tattoo's that large pose a health risk when it comes to excreting toxin's in the body through sweat.

    Not a fan of the styling. Looks like a cheap decal, not a professional grade ink job.

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